Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Olive Garden

It started with a Kiss....

Leaning into him,
Holding him with tenderness,
a gentle embrace......

was there a moment of hesitation...
a moment of doubt...
a moment of reluctance...

or was he a doomed man from the beginning,
his tragic story divinely written?

The earth under his feet, did it feel him tremble?
The earth under his being did it know?
The earth giving life to the Olive Tree.

From the shadows, they waited for the tender sign, the loving sign, the ritual of closeness!

The lips pressed on his cheek delicately...

and a faith started with a kiss.....

Thursday, 29 December 2016

My hands in the earth.

My hands in the earth,

I clench with all my strength....

I feel the soil as it clings to me, as much as I cling to it.

We are bonded more than we know.

Breathe in that which surrounds you...

Hold that breath!  Hold it with all your might! And when your time is near the end....


experience the breadth, experience everything you can muster, experience it all as it leaves this mortal coil....

My God.... hear my cry!

I have lived.

It was not in vain...

I have loved.

Far too many times...

I have memory, sorrow and truth...

I have witnessed what the earth has for me...

But Oh God... I see a world of promises and dreams

These tears are not of loss, but of what can be... the dream of HUMANITY lighting up the stars!

Our Identity is more than our languages, our customs, our flags, our ego...

Our Identity is strong as Tungsten and as fragile as Trust!

My God.... I live in these years of brokenness


Hear me! O' Children of God.....

You have lived, You have loved, You have Memory, Sorrow and Truth. 
The world is full of these things...... promises and dreams
I weep with you....
I walk with you....
I too dream of your potential
Your Identity rests in my being, your being will be transformed in the stars, 
Your Identity is my Identity... the fragility of my being is your strength, 
my strength is the fragility of your trust. 
The whisper of greatness is an eternal echo in your heart.
Feel that earth under your hands and know the full you! 
You are more than words in a prayer....
You are my divine children....... light up this world! 
The Brokenness is ready for you to mend it...

For Yesterday is but a memory often held to tightly 
and Tomorrow is but a mere possibility.
For I live with you in the now, for that is all we have,
a place where dreams come true.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


whose highest ideals do we imagine to have?

what benchmark do we put ourselves with?

what is our there a level?

what relationship with God do you have?

.....................did have?

.......................won't have?

.............................will have?

Only you know this.....

sharing this is like lifting the stars over your shoulder and bringing them together into the palm of your hand.

The onlooker will never understand you!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

the fearful wind

the fearful wind is fierce and furious and I face into it!

I have too.... for the wind will send me into cover,
into the darkness...
I become desperate in the shadows.

Fear is the harbour and I have untethered from it,
I was tethered to popularity...
I was tethered to a safe place...
I was tethered to what was comfortable...
I was tethered!

the harbour offers security and authority...
the fear of being oneself...
the fear of having yourself challenged in the open sea...
brings us to the harbour of conformity.

I stand at the bow of the ship,
let them question me
let them harm me
let them say what they believe needs to be said....

for not too long, I will be in the open sea and they will cling with a death grip to the harbour!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Mother's, Son

She was STRONG!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
Defiant in the face of all the odds...
 in front of all, that was right or wrong...
 she stood on her land, her way, her compass pointed truly.
  her strength is my strength
  her emotion is my emotion
  her courage is my courage
  her perseverance is my perseverance
  her memory always in my heart.

She was STRONG and I'm her son!

Saturday, 10 December 2016


The Waves are boiling, steaming vapours streaming from the cracks,
filled with hate and loathing.

The Cracks....always there.
The Cracks....filled in with ambition.

Painting By Lorraine Rigby. © 2017.
The Cracks...longing for LOVE!

The Ocean Tidal Walls are rising.
The Fiery Waves licking my humble raft...
I keep it balanced....
My eyes wide open to the anxiety all around.

The Worlds Waves are on fire!
The Ocean Spray are bright with amber.
The Ocean surface is thick with  a green mist!

I can't see the horizon,
Blinded by the spray and the mist.

The boats that sail this ocean,
Rejoice in the spectacle...

"Ahoy" I turn, others are on rafts
Tentatively keeping afloat!
She points to the wave....
My eyes blinded by the shadow of a future,
A future I can't see........

My garments fall away, burnt and fragmented.
My skin burnt and soaked,

I fall to my knees and crack the fragile raft,
My knee soaked and splintered.

I pray...

The silence falls upon me...

The Stillness awakens my deep senses...

The voice of God is whispering to me...

I hear it clearly, its whisper is a song in my heart.

It calls to me.....

The waves are no more....

The Ocean is no more...

The Earth is no more...

The Navigational Stars are aligned in the deep self....

The raft begins to take its course....................

En Garde!

They take their formal stance, their eyes giving away nothing,
Their eyes giving-a-way of something.......?
Their body's posture is poised into defence and attack,
The SWORD in one hand and a main gauche in the other.

They circle as if rehearsed...
The past insults are forgotten, only the blood is wanting,
and the tears are prepared,
May the lament of sorrow be an eternal echo of such tragedies....

The witnesses are like frozen empowered statues,
In-between worlds of the living and dead...
The Cry of the Raven whispers their names,
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
The Clash of the Blades sings in the Air.

The sword is thrust to the neck,
the parrying dagger glances-slides it away,
and countered with the sword to the stomach,
feet move quickly turning the body to the side,
the blade flies through the air, the shining sharp......
the blade that's parried swirls over the head,
to plummet down into the thigh
a quick step back to defend!
WITH a dagger close to the neck,
it springs with accuracy to the foe!
Darting backwards and swirls with ferocity and despair,
both the daggers end in their plot.

The frozen statues come to life,
As the two bodies slump,
blades drop......
          blood flows......
                  hands that gripped the tools of death long to hold life together.
                             but it is too late......

Blade, overcomes Blade!
Sorrow, overcomes Sorrow?

The Wrong of Others,
Can Not Be Replaced,
By our wrongs.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Near The Brink

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
And the horizon seems dull and bleak...
It's majesty that beckoned me to something nobler...
has encroached on my mortal expectations...
.............and it has taken THEM all away. 

The once said deeds and dreams.... 
are held in the parents loving arms, 
are held in the strongest embrace, 
are held with a forgiveness that God has bestowed upon me. 

And the horizon seems SO dull and bleak...
It's majestical colours vibrant and changeable...
It has encroached on my mortal expectations...
...............and it has taken it ALL away from US. 

I laid my foundation stones and honesty to this land! 
the labour of my efforts, what did I see! 
What spoils were granted to me, to us, to you?
What lavish riches fell upon your lap, was it so easily?

Do they ever feel shame? 

And the horizon is dull and bleak...
Its vividness blinding my... my silhouette, a void, on a canvas of oils! 
The years of learning expressed in innocence,
The years of expression wasted? 

We craved for the understanding! 
But my aged heart knew it in that embrace.... 
The swelling of my chest, bursting into tears....
.......................and with that final breath.............

the horizon is dull and bleak...
it kneels before my final step.
and smiles to the embrace, 
full of expectations and love.

Colours no canvas can have painted upon it! 

I gather myself one more time,
As I stand, Near The Brink.... 

Monday, 21 November 2016

That Jolly Fat Man!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart!

IT IS a time of family and friends gathering in warmth, 
IT IS a time of giving and receiving in the hope of something greater, 
IT IS a time of merriment and GOOD CHEER! 
IT IS a time of reflection, with that wry smile and a tear in the eye, we think of those long ago's. 

IT IS a time of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart, 
as I hurried down those stairs, excitement beating triumphantly!   
A moment pause, all the promises behind that door, 
my hand instinctively turning the living room light on, 
The glint and sparkle of the wrapping paper, the abundance of gifts on the floor! 
I smile with gladness and delight, but in thought, 
knowing how my parents were poor,
the abundance was for their children's delight! 

Giving, without thought for themselves. 

Hoping for better days! 

They brought my dreams to me and love in their hearts...
As I slept every day throughout the year! 
But the culmination of their love was in That Jolly Fat Man! 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Vanguard of an Age.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Where are they?

An age of greatness hidden in a library.
Coated behind drabness.
An Age of Enlightenment Hidden...
An Age of Greatness Hidden...
An Age of Wonder all gone?

Where is our Vanguard of our Age?
Where is our Future of Greatness?
Where is our Future of Wonder?
Where is our Enlightenment?

                                             It is hidden in small places,
                                           It is softly spoken in coffee shops,
                                            It is being held in comfort because it is so fragile.......

Be tender to each other...
It's all we have in this world, each other.... without each other, we are stranded.

The vanguard of our Age is lost in the chaos of objectivity and economics.
The drab wallpaper hides them, layer after layer... we wait for that one person who will inspire us.
The one person who will hold our hand...
             .....................................................and take us into a future filled with promise.

and from the small places and coffee shops... there will rise our Vanguard of a NEW AGE.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!


It came from nowhere...ha
It was building within...
They didn't see it coming...
They stepped back in shock...
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016

It was so unexpected...
It wasn't his character?!
They paused.
They halted.

He ranted. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

His words made no sense...
His logic had no reason...
His meaning was full of emotion... heart-felt... a cry for attention.
He banged on the table... "Aren't you listening".

They shuffled their papers.
They pretended not to listen.
They thought it inappropriate.
They didn't know what to say.

But they did listen. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

Frustration was giving birth.
It begins to tie a knot around conformity.
 But He Slashed It Wide OpeN!
And his soul began to bleed.

Then a hand of serenity and understanding...
Slipped into his hand. It was full of understanding and grace.
It soothed his being,
          His presence paced evenly...
                   She understood!
It was so unexpected that she would do that!

They witnessed. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mother Earth

I fell to the earth, softly, caressed with love and tenderness,
my eyes slowly lifted towards the heavens, blinded by the lights,
the canopy above me sheltered me from years ahead of me,
the sound of mother earth, I longed to enfold myself into her and she in us!

But we were taken away by that which we know not off!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
She whispered a segment of hope, now lost in the concrete wilderness,
our fractured Being, focuses on the hope of what the masters offer,
but we have been made deaf to our mother earth, she weeps and wails,
She stamps with fury! And we lay our hopes and promises on a cycle of hatred!

We have been stolen away from the wilderness of our dreams,
We have been made into elaborate slaves, imprisoned in gilded cages!
We have been lied too, conned, manipulated, tortured and executed,
for their sake! Have we forgotten what mother earth promised?

She sits waiting, ready to embrace us,
She is hurt from the abuse.....

We must rise from the tyranny of insidious control,
Wash away the suffocation that drowns our souls.

We stamp with fury.... she will hear our call, she will rise, and will lift us up!
We will break through the canopy that shaded us and view our dreams and promises!

Friday, 9 September 2016

A Thousand Miracles

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
It came from nowhere,
It was so unexpected and cruel... 

That someone could say such words. 

But at the heart of such cruelty, 
Lies a deep pain that we have been untouched by...

It came from nowhere, 
It was so unexpected and kind...

That someone could say such words. 

But at the heart of such kindness, 
Lies a deep love that we have been touched by...

It came from nowhere, 
It was so unexpected... 

That the universe created us, we are its expression!

At the heart of such an action 
Lies a deep need..................

                           .................. and forever we will search for that need. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Kyrie Eleison

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.
Kyrie Eleison!

The Violin trembles with excitement,
The Cello quivers with jubilation,
The Choir breathes with exaltation,
The Soloist smiles with self-assurance.

He comes from the wooden panels with a shock of white hair,
His priestly garb does not fool anyone, taking his stand!
The formal nods, unseen winks, knowing smiles,
They have bonded in months of relationship!

The Father of Music looks down with Joy!
The Children of Music wait with expectation!

Like lightening streaking toward our heart,
Breaking the mundane with the divine language!
Our quintessence is the exploration of our earthly beauty
We are propelled into the world were reality... stops......... stops for a moment
...........................................piercing reality and knowing God for the first time!

It transmits a divine enigma code.

               It evokes messages to our yet known self.

                              It filters through our emotions and joy is released!
The beauty of the divine child. Humanity!

Kyrie Eleison! 


Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Holding onto my own......barely.
The sense of anguish consumed my breathing.
This uncalled for penance came like the wind.
It brought me to my knees....
My hands grasping for air....
Reaching for God and begging him to relent?

But he waits with unlimitedness.........................................................................
But I suffer from the greatest of all agonies and he grants nothing and everything.

I see the twilight of my days... I witness the coming days!
It is upon me...
                        and fear clings to me, it holds me in a vice!

It's Jaws are Cold!

The solitude of hope is but a moment in youth and
the dream is held throughout our ageing coil.


A Spiritual Comedy. Act One

The Soul and The Desire sit under a tree.... they are both playing conkers. 

Enter The Messenger. 

The Messenger: I come with good tidings

The Soul: I knew it... I knew it....this is so exciting!

The Desire: Really. What is it this time?

The Messenger: Behold........I bring 'The Unknown'.....

Enter The Unknown

The Unknown: Behold! I am 'The Unknown'

The Soul (Stands up quickly) Oh! I expected something a little more grandeur.


The Desire: He said grandeur, not louder.....

The Messenger: Let us marvel at the possibilities.

The Soul: (Pulls The Messenger to the one-side) I'm wanting this.....but there's something missing with this picture.

The Desire: I'm not caring for this.... is there a pub near here?

The Soul: I'm comprehending the unknown, but I need something more practical... a little concrete?

The Unknown: By the gods and goddesses and all that which is in-between! No, you can't have something concrete! I am THE UNKNOWN.

The Soul: I understand that....I get the over-arching principle of your premis, put can we put something in writing?

The Desire: I fancy a burger with my pint, pint of cider would wash that down very nicely. Salsa or Mayo on the Burger that is the question?

The Unknown: Writing something down goes against my ethos.

The Soul: Oh, so you have your own raison d'etre, mission statement?

The Unknown: (with some inpatience) Not really a Mission Statement.........

The Desire: Perhaps a bowl of chips to start with.......

The Soul takes The Desire to one side

The Soul: Will you shut up about pub food.

The Unknown: I think your missing the point about the Unknown.

The Soul: Perhaps..... but I'm imagining for something to know, to comprehend, to feed this (he taps his chest)....what have you to offer?

The Messenger: Well I have stood here long enough in silence I can introduce you to...... Behold The Land! [Enter The Land - he is not happy]

The Unknown: Thank you The Messenger, Farewell (They hug) [The messenger exits]

The Desire: Do you know where the nearest pub is?

The Land: Hello Lads....

The Desire: Yes, you know when the nearest pub is my old friend?

The Soul: For the love of all the gods and goddesses and everything in-between!

The Unknown: Behold I am still here!

The Land: Thank you..... for your clarification.... I'm here for you both, what is your needs?

The Desire: Needs...I'm just one big need, for now I want to go to the pub?

The Soul: (Grabs The Desire) Will you get a grip of yourself! Have some self control!

The Desire: (Gently releases The Soul from him, with some consideralby strength).... my friend and constant companion, only the lack of age and drink is my need.

The Unknown: Perhaps I can fill in that gap? Seeking me will do something for that need?

The Desire: Truly, The Unknown can fill in that need? How can fulfilment of this (Points to his stomach) be fulfilled by (Waves his arms dramatically around then points to The Unknown) by you?

The Land: (coughs) Me, on the other hand, have a lot to offer that (he points to The Desires stomach)

The Desire: Indeed you do my friend..... you know where the pub is located?

The Soul: This is getting beyond the Joke! My friends Estragon and Vladmir had the same bloody problem..... here lies the conflict my friend, The Unknown is in front of us.... is it not sufficent enough to fulfil our need?

The Unknown: You have it?

The Soul (Falls to his knees and prays dramatically) Let us pray.


The Desire: Maybe later, I'm going to the pub, coming (Says to The Land, and then to The Unknown)

The Land: My friend, I think you misunderstand. Me and The Unknown (The Land walks over to The Unknown), well we have a date. We have always been togther...... Like you my friends.

The Unknown: Goodbye.... I'm sorry. (He pats the head of The Soul who is still praying)

The Land and The Unknown exit. 

The Desire: You have got to be joking........

The Soul: (still in prayer).... didn't see that coming?

The Desire: Will you open you eyes then!

The Soul: I'm in deep contemplation and reflection.

The Desire: Already!

The Soul: Be quiet. I'm having a moment.


The Desire: (Sits next to him, bored)

The Soul: Shhh

The Desire: I haven't said anything.

The Soul: Shhh

The Deisre: Oh come on, lets go for a pint!


The Desire: When in Rome. (He goes onto his knees and prays)


The Soul: It's time.

The Desire: It's time?

The Soul and The Desire stand and exit. 


Monday, 22 August 2016

A Blessing

A moment held in time and space.

The everyday halts for the sacred.

We stand in tranquillity and expectation,
We are humbled by days gone by,
We become part of its history....
                                        it's beauty.....
                                              it's generosity.......

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
Love profound deep from the heart of my soul,
Love openly showing with every tear and smile,

Their journey together has seen such woes
Their journey together has seen such joys

In the present the time that is now,
We become aware of no tomorrow or yesterday,
The now is present, present with your presence,
and nothing in the world can change this story.

The Chalice is lit....
Together with all the years behind and all the years to be glorified.
And the divine smiles upon our recognition - and the blessing is given!

A blessing - Opening up to the possibilities, the dreams, and promises of the heart.

Deep inside your soul you hear a voice calling,
A voice incomprehensible................................
                                          It manifest's itself with all the expressions of your heart!

May the divine encircle you in gentle light
and may you conquer that which needs conquering.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

George Bernard Shaw was right.....

Left or Right it doesn't matter,
there is no real alternative these days.

They have melted the fire,
They have taken away our desire,
We have found ourselves in a mire,
We have become a global crier!

Left or Right its all the same!
Obama should hang his head in shame,
Nobel Peace Prize!
No Nuclear Warheads!
Drone Wars!
Killings at Home!
The Torture Bay Still Holds On!
And Trump gets the blame.
Clinton the Shadow of Shame!

They have melted the fire,
They have taken away our desire,
We have found ourselves in a mire,
We have become a global crier!

Left or Right?
Shaw was right!

This is the Poets Fight.

Monday, 15 August 2016


You tell your story.......

Your friends' eyes twinkle in anticipation and delight,
Words fail you - but the story continues in your heart,
laughter pours from your stomach and the tears spill,
you struggle with your anecdote
broken words.....and shrills break through the air!
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Your friends face each other....
The tale lost in cathartic merriment,
The love is infectious,........
Words fail and fail every time!

The bond of laughter has begun,
No rhyme or reason why.....

But our story is now lost in time....
and the stranger wants to join in!

Laughter can be the release of the struggling soul,
When we find home with a bird of the same feather.

The purge of the deep-self has renewed us!

The story is retold without the hysteria,
and a wry smile is all that is had.........
..........................................with exhaustion.

But sometimes, the soul has not been purged enough,
and so the laughter will continue................................

May it long continue, my friend.

Monday, 8 August 2016

the forgetful unitarian

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
She says she is open to all,
but not this or that anymore.

He says that all belief is accepted,
but not that particular brand of thought!

We have no creed or dogma,
We rejoice in our freedom and liberty.

But She and He have created,
A creed and dogma of dislikes,
A creed of snobbery and a dogma of narrowness.

He has abandoned the ocean of belief and thought,
She lives on an island of self-importance.

They have forgotten to be a Unitarian.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Here I Stand....My Covenant.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
I'm listening to the soul that sings to me,
I'm deeply listening to the souls that can't sing.

May your soul sing bravely so it splinters through the darkness,
may your light pour into the realm of truth and time,
you're being illuminating freely, uninhibited with expressions of love!

May those who sing, which is warped with ego and self-righteousness, be prepared for me,
I will be ready with a smile.....

For I laid my heart and mind in reconciliation with that which is greater than I and eternity.

And I have taken his hand, with his last act upon Calvary.....I will serve....

May I serve those I love with all my energy.

May I serve those who despise my energy...

For here I stand...


Monday, 18 July 2016

Will I be a Hero or a Coward?

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
May I be blessed knowing the wrongs I have done,
as the waves smash the cliff face with innocence.

May I stand upon that precipice longing for truth,
before my innocence takes away my longing.

May the innocence of my being be woken up to me,
the debris of my naivety tumbles with a loud awakening.

May the earth under my feet support me through this,
but the horizon is shadowed by the tsunami I have caused.

Will I fall like the coward under the mistakes I have made
or will I rise like the hero?

No philosophy can teach me how. It can only bring me to that edge of choice....

There lies in each soul a coward and a hero, it is our natural division of seeking truth and safety.

Sunday, 10 July 2016


Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
from a distant shore, the tick-tock in your soul is heard,
it revives you...
You become aware of the softness that is around you...
You become aware of the aches and pains that walk with you...
You become aware of the love that rests with you...
you become aware......slowly......

The resurrections that occur every day...

Your senses start to sharpen...
The singing birds celebrate your awakening...
The singing is nature's alarm clock.......

Opening the eyes to the new world...
The brightness of the day is too much...
We close and re-open until satisfied...

We turn to the mechanical tick-tock....
To see our earthly time...
Slowly realising... knowing our duties
Knowing our purpose....
Knowing our responsibilities....

Waking to the world...
I give praise to this miracle!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.
The Mother of all virtues is bowed behind Purity,
Her beauty is marvelled and unnoticed,
Her touch is like the gentle breeze.

Her gifts are greater than her youngest daughter, Charity,
The time gave, she will offer in abundance...
The love waiting to be accepted...
Her unquestioning patience and acceptance are unrivalled by Tolerance.
Her smile is faint and unknowing as her strength is tested.
Only Fortitude can rival her strength....

Humility, the Mother of all virtues, will liberate us from ourselves.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Standing firm with a smile,
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.
Holding onto every last drop of energy,
Your focus.......tilted. 
                Your focus.........faded
                                  Your focus..........slipping
                                                              away from 

Words spilled from the voice of the eloquent ....
Your ears filled with the sound of the tumble dryer....
The stimulate brought with as midnight on starless night and it's sweetness lighter than an angels kiss....
It brings me back.....for a moment
It spurs me on.........
Every handshake and every smile, is laced with sincerity and love. 
Every connection tempered with wonder......

I fall softly into my sacred chamber....
The mini death is upon me...
The resurrection will raise my weary body...
But as I sleep....I will dream of the good that was done that day. 


Friday, 24 June 2016

Prayer.....tempered with truth and love.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
O Spirit Divine, keep us open to the possibilities of receiving a calling, that which is tempered with truth and love.

Too often we are closed off by the words of the everydayness, we forget to listen to the quiet heart which resides with the deep self....

Only in the stillness of our being are we able to hear that call....

May we be blessed to set our minds on the things which are above the everydayness - which will enable us to work wisely and charitably....

May we find time for the solitude of the heart and mind... like the polar bear which resides staring in the snowy tundra, the frozen wilderness allowing her being part of the natural landscape.

May you find your landscape in which you may traverse the chambers of your being in stillness.

May you be blessed with the motion of change in your being...that enables you to see beyond your own desires... to see beyond what is happening today, to envisage a better tomorrow and to add your words and deeds to that brighter future.

May you be open to that calling which waits for you; to hear the divine knocking..... Let the stillness of the inner self hear the Word of God. 


....what my Mum used to say.......

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
The bell is does toll,
As I hang over that white promontory,

Didn't you all know?
Under the waves of turmoil we are connected.

The Engineers of Stonehenge weren't from Alpha Centauri A,
they plodded with love from France.

King Minos Mother falls to the ground and weeps,
Jupiter's 6th moon fails it rotation!

The bell is does toll!
As I hang over that white promontory...

This is what my Mum used to say......................

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

eh...what...who...ermmm....I am nice?

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
The owl hoots the song of ownership and serenade....
The wolf howls its song of sorrow and joy!

And I dance the Irish Jig......sort of!
My heart knows no other dance...

There's the beat......listen
I rotate the knee and flip the foot,
I bounce...then slide.......continue to slide
Quick...Staccato....angled moves
repeated, twice, thrice......
and then turn with a smile, remember the smile!

I am nice?

Let's dance!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I'm sorry....................

I was caught up in my own insecurities...
I was drowning in my grief....
I was dealing with the pain of others....
I was distracted by the pain I carry...
I was struggling with my broken family...
I'm sorry I forgot your baggage..................
I'm sorry............

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Prayer

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
The temple space wraps me in a cloak of kindness,
my eyes become heavy as I enter into eternity.....

The first breadth is heavy, the first release lets go and that...
that moment that has held me down in this time......

The temple shaman breaks the silence with words....
words dream't up in solitude and deep stillness....

The pause between the words... is the breath of God,
The moment between sacredness is eternity it self.

The words ring meaning and purpose ........
as God slips next to me, his divinity shoulders my pain...................................

The breadth becomes paced, a loftiness reaches within,
Our breadth is caught off guard, the tear falls uninhibited.

In the stillness the deep self resides in the unknowing...
And God smiles beckoning us further into our true self.....the deep self

I am shaken...the fear of the unknown,
fear of the truth that lies in all our hearts... deep within.

The real me!

I am spun round.......
I am thrown to the ground.......
I am kicked and battered by the others.......

Please...hear my prayer! I am one of you!

The violence of tongue and fist are held in this...this...this chaos,
where prayer has not been found.

The temple are in ruins....
The prayer book scattered between rocks of toil...

But there you will find me........ intoxicated in prayer...

Waiting for you to join me....


Friday, 17 June 2016

Never Give Up!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.
It begins with doubt, the seed that resides comfortably in your soul...
you have allowed it to take home.....
it feeds from your fear
it feeds from your brokenness
it feeds from your insecurity
it grows hiding your potential
it grows hiding your creativity
it grows hiding your deep self.......
it has wrapped itself around you showing the world a different you.

............................strong self, ready to break free from this entity that has become the false you.

Remember the true self?

..........................................there I am.

Take hold of that fear, breathe into it...hold it, consume all of that which has held you back....

In Stillness and quiet
with compassion and forgiveness....just let it go

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Painted by Lorraine Rigby 2016
The throb of the heart,
finding the breadth,
the thunderous strike to the chest,
the means of eloquence lost,
the narrowing of the world,
the watery film cascading your vision,
the rushing energy dissipating into the heavens.

They flow unbroken from the windows of your soul,
they leave traces upon your mask for the world to see your sorrow,
they leave traces upon your mask for the world to see your joy!

Friday, 10 June 2016

The sky will always seem different now!

I stand firm like an oak tree,
But I must be ready like the willow.

My eyes are set in an illusion of wants and desires,
My heart and mind desires conflict with this false reality.

Slowly reach through the grayness.....
Plunder through the wrongness....
Shatter their expectations....
Stand! Smartly! Smiling in the ruins of the emperors...

I stand firm like an oak tree,
But I must be ready like the willow.

The sun will rise and set and..................
The sky will always seem different now!
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Furnace Within

O' God, my temper is rising, the furnace within is raging,
I cannot hold it any longer, the desire to release the pressure within,
The restraint let loose on some unexpected soul,
The heart on our sleeve expressed within a moment,
Reason had packed it's bags and left the room,
The rawness of emotions splayed open for all to see.

O' God, give me the understanding of what fuels this fire,
Allow Reason to unpack this unnecessary resource,
and to find a use, other than the selfishness of my being,
Let my heart and mind find balance, let them feed from each other!
open heart AND open mind, together eternally...
O' God, grant me this peace.................................

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Great Search...........

Painted by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Since Reason graced my being,
I have searched for you,
my mothers and fathers have searched for you,
it is my deepest desire to know you.

But I have a divine bond that holds us strongly,
that bond is my path in this labyrinth called the Earth.
I have stared at this bond with a knife, my dark days unnumbered...
ready to pull and slice it in savage hope.... in a world of suffering

I searched you out with all my heart! 

I wish the word of God to be locked in my heart,
allowing the wonders of that great mystery, to go deep within me,
revealing a greater truth for my presence in the Universe,
and in my prayers I will allow your presence to manifest itself in my soul!

Let go off that blade of desperation and denial! 

Hold onto that divine bond, I will not lose my way,
I will now, know my way, though every corner is unknown to me and
every turn a wrong direction.

You are held in me and I in you!


Friday, 13 May 2016

A bowl of ice cream

Painted by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
There he was with tea and sun,
Music flew around....
The flirty tatoo'd girl ran from her car...
The happy boozy tramp sang his song...
The metal beasts that transform our soul,
squeezed passed...

There he was with tea and sun,
Mother and Daughter merrily silent,
Staring into the distant future and past,
The bald shaded hard man under the King,
The nose pierced bohemian creator wanting to fly away.

But there he was with tea and sun,
The waitress threw down their food,
We laugh in dismay and struggle what to say.
But it's Friday...
And he sits with a bowl of ice cream,
under the sun, on this most beautiful day.....

Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Path!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
O Spirit Divine, may my path not be crossed by the wicked,
But if they do, may my heart be true and not follow them on their path,
May I reside in a friendship of true giving and sharing,
And not be seated with the greed and gluttony of the privileged.

May our ways be fueled with a desire of relationship and community,
measured in an abundance of compassion and love.
The ways of the wicked will be driven away,
The winds of righteousness will seek them out. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

In Expectation

I sit....surrounded by Plato's greatest four....
They look down upon me in expectation....
Justice, Temperance, Charity and Fortitude
They explore my heart, they tap at my consciousness, they nestle closely to my words and deeds...
The Spaniard reveals to the world his Academia,
The Irish big eye'd, solemn beauty..
The American is noble and true...
I sit....surrounded..........

I assumed.....

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
I didn't know the pain you carry,
I didn't understand it was so difficult,
I didn't realize you had a long ago's...
Or a Once Upon a time....

I assumed this and that about you,
I assumed you were fine and at one,
I assume so many things....
I assumed it ended with a happily ever after.

You walk with a pain...
You are confused by your pain...
Your past story is etched in your present fairy-tale,
Your story has always been...

I didn't realize I was the monster in your tale...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Divine Donations

O God, were those decisions ever made for me... 

My faults and 
                                                                       the weakness I demonstrate to the world.....

Did these unwanted gifts be laid out on the table of my creation?

These traits which I struggle with.....

This presentation I show is a facade, my brokenness is layered with a veneer of hypocrisy and delusion.   

Will I ever overcome these divine donations....

O God, I seek your guidance, be my shining star with the choices I make... 

O Child of God, your faults are the fractures in the earths crusts, without them you cannot grow, without them there is no movement in your heart and mind, without your faults the beauty of your endeavours pale into nothingness…. Within each fault your vulnerability should be seen and known, allowing love to flow from it, the fault is a blessing…. O Child of God.


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Let us speak...

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Let us pray, in this moment of stillness, let us speak of what is the past,

May we be fulfilled with the great joys and sorrows that have gone before us,

May we remember those days gone by… as a time of wonder, a time of love and prosperity.

May our histories which reside in the archives of our memory, be accessed when needed,

May these treasures which is more precious than gold and silver…. Be in abundance.

May this sanctuary host hidden secrets that can transfigure the now.

May our eyes that have gazed upon the past illuminate our present…

May we be blessed to go into our deepest chambers…where the deep self-resides…. full of knowing and truth,

May we be blessed in the stillness to know the history of ourselves,
Our dreams and promises….

May we truly be blessed that they have come to fruition.

In this sacred moment, let us speak of the present….

May we remember our communities, our relationships we have built,

May we remember they are fragile,

let us be tender,
let us be gentle,
let us be kind……

May we be blessed with a patience…..a patience tempered with a deeper need and understanding for our family, our friends and a stranger…

May we have the propensity of knowing that the present is waiting to be etched in eternity…

May our words and deeds be prepared with love…

May we speak of our future

The boundless immeasurable, the unknowing destiny of ourselves...May we know for certain, that we will carry love in our hearts,

May we continue to reason through the obstacles,

May we continue to offer the freedom to explore and change without discrimination,

May we continue to tolerate our differences,

May we hold closely the past, a gift from time! May the future be held with an excitement, let us be the excited child… with the abundance of faith, hope and love.


Friday, 22 April 2016

I wait.....

I sit in reverence...

Painted by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
I breathe...I hold....I let it go

I feel the stars are watching....

I breath... I hold....I let it go

The divine has searched for my's fingertip reaches out...

Michelangelo felt that whisper....

Its extension breaks out of the unknowing, that great mystery....

It has a desire to know us.....

We rest waiting in arrogance

I sit in reverence...

I breathe....I hold....I let it go 

I breathe.....

I hold........

Let go.....

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hear me.......

Hear me O' Spirit......

My heart is overcome with grief,
the passing of time has not offered the comfort it promised.

My heart aches for a longing,
A time where my minds eye struggles to envisage.
I am becoming blind to a history.....a history I wish to remain in.

Hear me O' Spirit......

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 

Hear me O' Child of God....

Your heart is longing to overcome the joys of yesterday,
the passing of time will always offer you comfort, this is its promise, to you.

Your mind has become blind to the prosperity of what tomorrow can bring....and not what you can bring to it.

Hear me O' Child of God....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I remember

I remember you, the friends and moments that have impacted upon me,
the sacred times, were time is frozen in my minds eye,
a divine photo....which will remain with me....

I remember you, the smiles and laughter that will never fade,
the retelling of the stories, which bring joy to my heart,
re-encountering that special moment....

I remember you, my family...the journey we began together,
the tears and heartache, the silent look which expressed a thousand words,
the gentle embrace that reminds me of our earthly bond.....

I remember you, who held me during the darkness of my life,
the eternal waiting for me to wake to its longing,
to embrace the divine, God, that great mystery,
that never forgets.......

Saturday, 9 April 2016

flickering with you.....

The Universe was made for us, let us be the child and stare into the firelight, the firelight of eternity… 

It's beauty explodes across infinity, it dances and whirls, it spirals and twirls......

It's unknowing distance stirs our imaginations to infinite possibilities....

My gaze runs across time and space, it rapidly streams across the void...

For a moment, I am one with you.

Friday, 8 April 2016


O Icarus, hear your fathers cry!
Hear the warnings, do not fly so high!
The heavenly firmament you want to see…….
Alas, you want to know how a god can be……

You bask in the holy light of the day,
The divine light loosens your heart,
The wax and pinions are melting away,

You have reached the peak, you are the loftiest of all…..
How the mighty will fall…….

The water nymphs cradle the mortal body,
Tears fall, so much sorrow….
The father turns to the sky and wonders what glory his son did view
Ignore the warnings…. Of the old.

See the heavens and be oh so bold!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

grant me understanding.............

May we be blessed with an understanding of what is fair... for what is true...
May we see the goodness in the actions of others,
Let us find a kindness… 
May we have an understanding of that which is lasting...
That which endures with eternity....
The Wisdom of the divine is beyond our reach... it flutters unknowingly in the day, it whispers when we are in deep slumber….
Grant me a deep sense of myself….my actions, my words and my presence, which all have to bear on this world.
Spirit Divine, let us be taken to a place, where our eyes view all things, our vision is bathed in the light of truth.
May we stand openly to know the truth….
To see our failings,
To know our strengths,
To overcome the internal difficulties.
Let us have fresh eyes on history…
With different perspectives of events and moments…
May we blessed by a divine counsel, that seeks us, waiting for us to listen, to see, to feel, to reason….. with an open mind and open heart, released from our arrogance.
May we be blessed with a discerning heart….. a vision that arches over the fog of confusion and fear, with a judgement that shows a greater understanding….
May we be blessed to demonstrate to the world a greater self… spirit divine, O’ God, hear my call…

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Chalice Lighting...."wisdom"

May we be blessed with enlightenment.

May this chalice flame allow us to see beyond, beyond what is now.
May we have a vision which is blessed with foresight, that is clear as the blue sky...unclouded with doubt and fear....

Blessed foresight, prepare us for the obstacles in the everyday. 

May we realize, that our actions will ripple from the centre to the outer shores of our unknowing.
May we be blessed, that we both stand in the centre of our knowing and on the shores of the everyday.

May the divine bless us with wisdom, laced intricately with compassion. 


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