Sunday, 6 May 2018


Was my accident an accident? 
Was it life teaching me a lesson?

fate then whispered into my soul and it said "smile" 

As I acknowledge my lesson, and understand the meaning 
fate smiled and whispered in my soul and it said "smile"  

And I accepted the whispered words of fate and with a humbleness and openness, my heart became wide for those I met
then fate whispered.... "don't be fooled by unconscious intent, it won't be me all the time" 

And I was confused...
but fate embraced me and whispered in my soul and it said, "smile" 

And then I knew the answer... 
The chaos of the conscious heart lay waste in front of me and I opened my hand to greet it. 
I opened my heart to accept it. 
I opened my being... knowing I would act accordingly, I would act with kindness... 
I would act with compassion, whilst the conscious mind lay waste to my dreams. 

And fate whispered "smile" 
And I smiled with an open hand. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

the escape from reality

I witness them, those three...

Awaiting for the vulnerable, those in pain, those who need to escape from reality...

They sit, the dealer, the maker and the one who will deliver further pain if needed.

They sit, waiting for the next transaction...

Their voices are hard... dark... and menacing.

Their eyes are dead... especially from the leader. His eyes full of suspicion.

They live in a world haunted by lost dreams. They live in a the middle of a world filled with sadness and they have armoured themselves from this... for the profit is made from the tears of others.

Guard your emotions, anxieties and obstacles from these three, they have an answer... an answer that will freeze you in time... unable to move through the obstacles that each one of us have... conquer the profiteers of our tears and by heading into the storm... learn to stagger, learn to pick yourself up, stumble, shout and scream, howl to the wind... let the world hear your cry... but through the storm you will still find them.... those three waiting for those who can't or won't pick themselves up....

Hanging On

They are hanging on to their power...                                                                                                     ...