Friday, 29 September 2017

Reaching the Celestials

I gently stare into the firmament,
that's all I can do, this humble pilgrim.
I gently conceive that reaching out
is all I can do, as a humble pilgrim.

Perhaps my journey is not to the stars?
Perhaps my journey is to the fire that burns in my being! 

Consider, am I reaching away from my true nature?

The Stardust!

What is Stardust? It is existence and oblivion. 

And I gently stare into the firmament,
that's all I can do,........ stop!

Let me gently reach into the fire that burns in my being!
It's going to be painful, but I feel the truth of my life. 

The unknown is not the mysterious cosmos,
The unknown is your salvation! You becoming the fullest you can be!
And you will shine.....

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Stillness in Vibrancy

I stood still, motionless in the vibrant woods.
The darting staccato squirrels, 
The creaking triumphant pines, 
The luminescence of the lingering drifting mist, 
The fragrance of woodland delight, 
The reassurance of the autumn, it's cold breadth upon my cheek 

I stood still, motionless in the vibrant woods, 
Photograph by Philip Waldron
I communed with God in that quiet time. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Oceanic Tears

I cried myself into eternity...
each tear drop were joys...were hopes...were mistakes...were memories...were pleasures...was sadness.

The watery veil that floated around my vision,
blurred the life of possibilities, opportunities and visions?

Only after the waterfall has dried and gone,
that the what ifs have vanquished before my being?

Dive into the tomorrow-world.
Trust the oceanic currents of your soul.
Capture what your heart desires and swim with all your power....
and into eternity I go..... and no tear is seen!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Fear of the light

I face you O' God. I lay my heart and mind open to your inspection. I lay my self-open to your mercy. I have fallen many times in the darkness. I have wrapped myself up in guilt and shame. I have shed tears in the hope of giving love. But you have given me another path to follow. I pick myself up from my sorrow and errors. I am not I... for I am - something new born... The darkness around me is the fear of opening my eyes. The fear of looking inside my being. The fear of the light.

The Landscape before the Veil

My hand slipped into her hand, held with fellowship and hope, that her soul will be lifted with the wings of love, and she will be united wi...