Friday, 13 May 2016

A bowl of ice cream

Painted by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
There he was with tea and sun,
Music flew around....
The flirty tatoo'd girl ran from her car...
The happy boozy tramp sang his song...
The metal beasts that transform our soul,
squeezed passed...

There he was with tea and sun,
Mother and Daughter merrily silent,
Staring into the distant future and past,
The bald shaded hard man under the King,
The nose pierced bohemian creator wanting to fly away.

But there he was with tea and sun,
The waitress threw down their food,
We laugh in dismay and struggle what to say.
But it's Friday...
And he sits with a bowl of ice cream,
under the sun, on this most beautiful day.....

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