Mother Earth

I fell to the earth, softly, caressed with love and tenderness,
my eyes slowly lifted towards the heavens, blinded by the lights,
the canopy above me sheltered me from years ahead of me,
the sound of mother earth, I longed to enfold myself into her and she in us!

But we were taken away by that which we know not off!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
She whispered a segment of hope, now lost in the concrete wilderness,
our fractured Being, focuses on the hope of what the masters offer,
but we have been made deaf to our mother earth, she weeps and wails,
She stamps with fury! And we lay our hopes and promises on a cycle of hatred!

We have been stolen away from the wilderness of our dreams,
We have been made into elaborate slaves, imprisoned in gilded cages!
We have been lied too, conned, manipulated, tortured and executed,
for their sake! Have we forgotten what mother earth promised?

She sits waiting, ready to embrace us,
She is hurt from the abuse.....

We must rise from the tyranny of insidious control,
Wash away the suffocation that drowns our souls.

We stamp with fury.... she will hear our call, she will rise, and will lift us up!
We will break through the canopy that shaded us and view our dreams and promises!

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