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The representative of the invisible waits at the arch,  Black gown in the wind, his colours brighten my day.

The majestic

Each one is different and unique,
from a distance, they seem the same.
Each one is a living majestic antique,
the elements wills it to sing, this magnificent tree.

I'm hypnotised by its artistic endeavour to reach the heavens,
It's ancient skin fractured, broken and knotted.
It arms spreading, wrapping and entwining its presence,
I marvel the glory of God, I am besotted.

the tragic lovers

the old 100th

The Iron Veil

I stared into the captivity of my soul,
infinity and all her wonders encompassed me,
my essence protruded my mortal coil,
it stretched upon and interwove with the others.

I was central and on the edges, I was drowning and full of life. I was suspended on firm ground. 
The intentions of God are behind The Iron Veil!

But in Prayer.
My essence moved freely
like boiling water on wax.  

Defy them to the end.

I stared at the stars, the moon, and the clouds,
I stared in wonder and delight on that precipice.
I stretched out my hand to pull away that shroud,
I prepared to know the Word of various testaments.

But what I felt was the whispering silence of God.

Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end...............

time to pause..................

It has been relentless......

Life can be relentless

It pushed and shoved me...

Life is always pushing and shoving

It did not give me space

Life won't give you space.

But you have the authority to make it STILL.

You have the authority to pause...

............time to pause...........

............time to watch the ripples bounce around your being.

Only you can create the space that you deserve, that you need, for you to grow.

There has always been time to pause

.................and when we have paused, we find ourselves strolling towards us.

Let the tears fall.

Let the heart, ache.

Let the mind rest.


There are two worlds.

The external and internal.

The false and the true self.

Both colliding with each other.

The Devil and God if you wish.
The battlefield of the SOUL!

We seek the truth - hiding behind falsity.
Falsity eludes us to the truth and the reality of the now.
Only when we decide to know the essence of our core,
Only then....

.....................can we embrace the truth. embrace the everyday.

Thoughts on misery

Can we live a life without misery?

We, humans, were born for misery, were born for hardship, were born to strive towards relieving a life without misery, but the paradox is, we will always live in misery, in some form, whether that be financial, physical, spiritual, employment or loss. It is living a life that strives towards not having misery, a life without misery is not a life at all. If we don't have misery, would we ever know what joy is? We were born for hardship, we have the therapy to resolve an issue, for it to be overtaken, by yet another issue. Can we ever be happy? Is true happiness on the margins of boredom, to be bored is to be happy?

Leads us to the question, what is happiness? Let's stick with misery.

And yet, our purpose, our liberal Christian purpose is to alleviate the misery, difficulties and hardships that our fellow human being is consumed with, we are there to offer our hand in charity, our heart in love and our being in kindness. We may have our own mi…

May the light of our heart, find shade…

May the light of our heart, find shade… May it rest in the twilight… Knowing the darkness, but holding the light. Being prepared to shine forth…
May our heart rest on our sleeves, Unencumbered by the pain of others, Unfettered by their pains and anxieties May their heart find rest and ease, settle in serenity.
May the divine serve the heart, May the heart serve the mind, And the mind tempered by kindness…. Serve others we meet…
May we be servants to each other, Let our inner self embrace that calling within, A calling of truth, beauty, and compassion… Let us be blessed knowing that all things are laced with good intent.
May our openness, which is bruised by the elements of pain, anxiety, and suffering, Be placed in loving hands. Be cradled with warmth. May we be gentle with each other May our smiles be gracious…. May our simple presence give comfort.
God, the divine, runs through us…. It connects with our being, Let us listen to the divine May we be open to the relevance to our community, To o…