Let us speak...

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Let us pray, in this moment of stillness, let us speak of what is the past,

May we be fulfilled with the great joys and sorrows that have gone before us,

May we remember those days gone by… as a time of wonder, a time of love and prosperity.

May our histories which reside in the archives of our memory, be accessed when needed,

May these treasures which is more precious than gold and silver…. Be in abundance.

May this sanctuary host hidden secrets that can transfigure the now.

May our eyes that have gazed upon the past illuminate our present…

May we be blessed to go into our deepest chambers…where the deep self-resides…. full of knowing and truth,

May we be blessed in the stillness to know the history of ourselves,
Our dreams and promises….

May we truly be blessed that they have come to fruition.

In this sacred moment, let us speak of the present….

May we remember our communities, our relationships we have built,

May we remember they are fragile,

let us be tender,
let us be gentle,
let us be kind……

May we be blessed with a patience…..a patience tempered with a deeper need and understanding for our family, our friends and a stranger…

May we have the propensity of knowing that the present is waiting to be etched in eternity…

May our words and deeds be prepared with love…

May we speak of our future

The boundless immeasurable, the unknowing destiny of ourselves...May we know for certain, that we will carry love in our hearts,

May we continue to reason through the obstacles,

May we continue to offer the freedom to explore and change without discrimination,

May we continue to tolerate our differences,

May we hold closely the past, a gift from time! May the future be held with an excitement, let us be the excited child… with the abundance of faith, hope and love.

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