Tuesday, 31 January 2017

wake up.

He believes he’s righteous and justified.

He believes it to be so....

The letter to the Ancient Italian “for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God”.

It is written…. and they believe.

O’ they believe, the quiet ones!

They will be pushed, they will be shouted at, they will be cried upon in horror, they will poke that fiery ego….
                       And then, hidden in the belly of that continent, it will come from its cave.
With its Righteous Anger!

And it will slaughter those who pushed, shouted, cried and poked!

O’ the liberal has prejudice,
O’ the voice of the margins will slip out in fury, unnoticed…

Its voice lost.
We never truly understood.
We became arrogant in our righteousness.

He has been before and he will come again.
He believes….
I retreat…… into the reasonable shores of the continent.
Let not the covering of history be looked upon with, ‘what if’'

into the wild

They illuminate the arched dome,
the ceiling of humanity glittered and sparkled,
the natural fireworks brought wonder to my heart, 
the tidal waves of colour floated across the heavens. 

I held my spear, the sharp in the air! 
The frozen world glistened in the moonlight.
the majestic mountains monitored our world,
the landscape of the wild will test my being. 

My hand slips into the fur of my companion,
his ice blue eyes waiting for the rush, 
awaits for the work that he longs for, 
awaits for the pleasure in his purpose. 

The frozen particles of the air rush,
rush into my lungs................
........................................... I hunger for my purpose.
I hunger for what is longing in my deep self.

The landscape of wonder is breaking, 
my other companions stir and prepare. 
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
I turn to my belongings, wrapped with practicality and love,
the motionless frozen twilight has been stirred!

"Mush, Mush!" 

Joy leaps into the heart of my companions, 
the jolt of the sledge jumps with gladness. 
The blades cut through the ancient ground, 
Scars sliced into the unknown world.

I'm bound for adventure....

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Let us remake the world!

Let us stop!

Let us remake the world!
Painting By Lorraine Rigby. 2017

No one says it has to be this way!

clasp my open hand

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
He stood outside, his breath was fast and angry,
the people laughed and drank inside.

A hand reached out, palm facing the heavens,
reaching for food and love.
The old widow forced to give her final pennies,
She entered with tears in her eyes......

He gripped his weapon, favoured by all employers.
He whispered his mantra....
"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a robber’s' den"

He stepped into the shrine of greed and gold,
the place was a sanctuary for all, but it was soiled by corrupt ambition.
He spoke clearly.
"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a robber’s' den".

They turned.... "Who is this madman?"
Who is this that would disrupt the status quo,
he flung the tables in the air and beat those who did not care,
and he shouted,
"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a robber’s' den"

the hero for the marginalized is within our being,
clasp my open hand, my friend!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

That Sinking Feeling

O God hear my prayer..... 

It seemed everything was fine and dandy.
It seemed...........

I made plans!

I had been conscious and considerate of others.
I had been mindful of every action....
                                                       ..... sacrificing my own being for others. 

I thought I prepared the way. 

It was a minor thing. 
It was inconsequential. 
It blindsided me! 

And all the good, all the considerate thoughts and deeds, fell around me. 

I am in despair of my mistakes.

O' Child of God hear me...

I hear your despair and sorrow.
Lift up your heart and let the tears stop flowing 
Your deeds of compassion and consideration will live long in the heart and minds of others!
A single mistake.... measured for the whole you, are measured by those who wish you harm. 
A single mistake.... is measured for what it is. 
A single mistake.... is measured for what it is.... the measure of your life should encompass all of your life and not just that mistake. 

You were born to make mistakes.... by not learning from them, this is a tragic mistake.... 

O' Child.... I embrace you with love!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
I take you by the shoulders and whisper.....

"The harshest Soul is the kindest human, for they are layered with self-criticism and doubt, they put others before themselves and live with sorrow and eternal hope, I know you child of God

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Dream of Intervention

I took his hand....

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
"Perhaps, that's all it is...."

The struggle and desire of the heart are lost with expectation. 
Until we become wise enough not to care....and too late to do anything about it? 

But the young are held in our hands...
They are cradled with a noble expectation...

I tighten my grip....
"They have hope and longing in their eyes........."

Our broken wisdom looks back at old days with longing. 
The future in our hearts and minds is beautiful.... for God within longs for it, 

The kingdom of God is within!
Tears of joy are falling my friend.  

I bring him close and hold him tightly...
"I am here for you.......

Over his shoulder I watch them pretend that all is well in the world, 
his heart and mind broken, shattered... not knowing. 

Then, like a sudden wind, the messenger appeared by my side. 
and rested their heart upon mine..... 

My smile is victorious and the sudden wind scattered the broken wisdom into a thousand parts. 

His eyes were full of knowing. 
We stared into the world with a glimpse of the dream. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

the fearless song

my conscious thoughts are concealing the deep anxiety...

my heart is thundering when I'm alone...

my body trembles under the warmth that surrounds me...

my spirit is vexed by the spirit that is vexed...

my soul is singing to me, a song of fear.

The song is full of dischord, the inner harmony has forgotten its melody

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
My tune is out of sync.......

But as I close my eyes in prayer....

But as I close my ears in prayer...

But as I control my breadth in prayer...

But as I relax the body in prayer...

                                                          I become aware,
                                                                                        and I feel the presence of God wash upon me, I hear my parents song, they hold me..................................

and it passes and I hear my new song!

A brave new song!

A song that will be rivalled by no other!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Technician of the Soul

Weaving through the fabric of time and space...
They inevitably come into our lives....
Their presence as sharp as any needle...
They are ready to slip through - knowing or unknowing - into our being.

They splash into the alchemy of our thoughts and feelings,
They stir the bubbling cauldron of our consciousness,
They pour that ingredient that was long missing,
When others taste our presence we have become.......

Weaving through the fabric of time and space...

and we inevitably come into other lives....
we are that presence which is as sharp as any needle...
Let us be ready to slip through - knowing or unknowing - into their being.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It was my doing

I had nothing.

I had no one. 

It was all my doing. 

I stared at my empty hands.... facing to the heavens. 

No divine intervention. 

The wind came, the chill made me warm. 

The company I did not expect, wrapped me up, 

It encircled me, a forever a constant!  

The nerve endings have not gone away.

The hairs on my arms stand, signalling a reaction.

But my desire of feeling has gone. 

The air is salty...

My lungs are full of joy and memory...

I grip the railing and stare into timelessness 

the ripples reflect regret....

It was all my doing. 

I didn't want that tear, but it fell,

The tear broke the ripple and my reflection of regret transformed into agony. 

The railing melted under by strength...

I stand welcoming God in my despair.

His presence precisely where it should be........

It was my doing.... 

Monday, 2 January 2017

A Spiritual Comedy. Act 2

Enter The Desire, he picks up the conkers, he stares at the tree....

Enter The Soul........The Soul stares at The Desire......

The Soul Coughs...... 


The Soul Coughs......


The Soul Coughs......

The Desire: Damn it, what? 

The Soul: I thought we were going to the pub? 

The Desire: I had a moment. 

The Soul: A moment? 

The Desire: Yes, A moment..... is it okay for me, to find oneself. If I could find the french for finding oneself, I would give an expletive in french to give it that.....

The Soul: Je Ne Sais Quoi?

The Desire: Precisely.......


The Soul: This Moment, what is it doing to you?

The Desire: Are you my shrink all of a sudden?

The Soul: God Damn it... I'm only asking....you were staring at the tree long enough.

The Desire: I only came for the conkers...

The Soul: Well you have them, let us go....

The Desire: Are you joking.... I'm having this MOMENT, and you want to go to the Pub!

The Soul: Are you joking..... that's all you ever wanted.......wasn't it?

The Desire: I don't know?

The Soul: We prayed, we communed with that which is indescribable are you not satisfied?

The Desire: Really, Honestly, You Must Be Mad..... I'm I Ever?

The Soul: What can we do then

The Desire: ......I'm not sure, but something is quelling inside (Desire Smiles)

Enter The Messenger.

The Messenger: I come with good tidings!

The Desire and The Soul stare

The Messenger stares. 

The Soul: I think we have done this

The Desire: This is Act 2?

The Messenger: I understand! Behold I bring you.....

The Desire:                                                               I'm going to stop you right there, I'm not going through all that again.

The Messenger: erm....

The Soul: I think he has lost for words.....

The Desire: We're off script, my friend, go with it, feel it, trust your feelings, play with those emotions...

The Soul: Poor Soul...

The Messenger: Ermm......Behold I Br...

The Desire:                                         ....NO!

The Soul: Poor Soul!

The Desire: Don't feel sorry....The Messenger has to learn.

The Soul: I think The Messenger is having a Moment.

The Desire: By all the gods and goddesses and all that which is between, I think he is.

Enter The Unknown Reluctantly

The Unknown: Thought I better come into this conversation.

The Desire: Oh No, You can remove yourself from here right now.

The Soul: I  think The Desire is right, off your pop.

The Messenger: Get away from me...

The Desire: You heard The Messenger.

The Desire Grabs The Unknown and drags him to the audience and places him at the feet of a member. 

The Desire: All the rules are out the window now, keep The Unknown here.

The Desire grabs The Messenger and takes The Messenger to the Tree. 

The Soul: Things are going to get weird in Act three. (To the Audience)

The Desire: Have your moment my friend.

They all stare in stillness and silence.

The Unknown crawls away from the audience and clings onto the tree. 


The Soul: I think we're not supposed to know The Unknown is there.

The Desire: Are you content?

The Messenger: I'm going home now....

The Desire: You are home, you have always been at home, they have taken your home away from you. Your home is my home, this is not its home (He points to the Unknown). It has always been part of our home.

The Messenger takes The Unknown by the hand....

The Messenger: Teach me in our moments.

The Unknown: (Smiles)

The Messenger and The Unknown exit. 


The Soul: Well that was certainly a moment.

The Desire: It certainly was.

They both sit down under the tree and play conkers in silence. 

Lights fade to blackout


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