The Great Search...........

Painted by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Since Reason graced my being,
I have searched for you,
my mothers and fathers have searched for you,
it is my deepest desire to know you.

But I have a divine bond that holds us strongly,
that bond is my path in this labyrinth called the Earth.
I have stared at this bond with a knife, my dark days unnumbered...
ready to pull and slice it in savage hope.... in a world of suffering

I searched you out with all my heart! 

I wish the word of God to be locked in my heart,
allowing the wonders of that great mystery, to go deep within me,
revealing a greater truth for my presence in the Universe,
and in my prayers I will allow your presence to manifest itself in my soul!

Let go off that blade of desperation and denial! 

Hold onto that divine bond, I will not lose my way,
I will now, know my way, though every corner is unknown to me and
every turn a wrong direction.

You are held in me and I in you!

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