Wednesday, 30 March 2016

O' Universe

O' Universe, 

I am part of you....I am part of your majesty...
every part of me..... chosen to be part of this eternal fabric...
Does the answer evade me?
Or is the answer staring in front of me? 
Does a divine celestial veil, billowing on a gravitational pull, masks my knowing?

O' Universe................

Saturday, 26 March 2016

O' little petal

O' little petal, did you know.....
the sorrow, the place outside those great walls...
a place of the skull....did you know?

Stripped of your foundation and fashioned into a crown,
Twined around and around....

O' little petal, did you know?


Spirit Divine…. Hear my call.
I seek the possession of courage,
The emptiness I feel inside....... I lack that nerve,
The resolution inside my being....... To step forward…

Spirit Divine…. Hear my call.
I desire a mettle that will discard the threats and the unfriendliness,
The daring… to face up to those who give me tears.
Hear my call…

Dear God, comfort me with your divine attendance.

Let me see the kindness in their being,
May they be blessed with the golden rule...

Hear my call…

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easter: Rise Again..........

Rise again, O’ Rise again…..
The cycle begins….
Rise again…..
My beating heart echoes through the universe…
The same melody touching upon everyone’s need,
Every pain…..
Every sorrow….
Every unknown grief,
Every tear drop is heard…..

I believe, O’ I believe…

That we are all from God, shall return to God….
That God, that Gives, each one a divine light…
The brightness of a single candle to a blazing Sun.
It is seen throughout the ages,
It is seen in the cycles.

I believe, O’ I believe…

Our lives are not in vain,
The anguish, the suffering, the pain
Our lives are not for the shadows….
Let us cease thy trembling feet,
Steady the hand and…..
Show thy light….

Rise again, Rise again…..  

Inspired by Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 The “Resurrection”


My presence dwells and interweaves in eternity,
My everydayness is in need of hope.

There are times when I feel helpless,
There are times when I feel lost.
The hope that dwells in every day, may the divine illuminate it in my being.

For the blessings of knowing a greater future,
For the blessings of knowing a kinder life.
The blessings that hope brings…

The morning sky…. Is the hope
The morning birdsong… Is the hope
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
The clapping baby in the baby chair… is the hope.

Let the morning Light fill our hearts with joy, to bask in the divine world we dwell upon.
Let the bird song fill us with inspiration and creativity, we access that divine spirit for the wonders we give.
Let the inner child, reflect the world our purity,

That each one of us is children of God.
Let us walk with Hope in all we do...

May the peace of God be with us.


Monday, 14 March 2016

The air we breathe...

They turn to those things which darken their view,

There's a compulsion to their shadowy nature of being, 

They breathe an air of suspicion.....
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016

The air they breathe is tainted with sadness, bitterness.......

May we be blessed with a lighter view.....

May we be propelled to see the intention of goodness in others..... 

Then we will breathe an air filled with kindness.....

and may they be blessed with a lighter view.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Winter Prayer

As the day darkens, the shortened days of winter fall upon us,
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
We find comforts in the small everyday things, the things we take for granted,
The warmth hearth,
The blanket wrapped around our legs, our comfortable chair…

The joy of a good book,
The excitement of compelling film,
The hot drink and shared food,
The relaxation of night time music…
The peace of an empty room, the solitude of single flame…
The brightness of the full moon...
The beauty of the silence as the winds and rains surround our walled home.

May the light of your spirit guide us through the winter months;
May the light of your spirit bless your words and deeds you give to others;
May the inner secrets of your subconsciousness guide the warmth of your heart;
And may you be blessed with the knowledge of that beauty that tempers your being.

May the burdens of the everyday be released from your heart;
May the struggles awaken a spirit that opens up the possibilities and promises…
May the winter days awaken your dreams;
May the winter console your soul, your spirit, your being…


The Blessing of Music

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
May each note echo longer in ourselves,
May it awaken the quiet self, unrecognised by the everyday sounds,
May the longing of merging...
Merging into the melodic vibrations define that moment,

Let our soul recognise a moment of transcendence,
Let it be awoken, awoken in between the music,
May we know the silence in between each note,
May we recognise ourselves.......

In the moments of silence, the music cascades around us,
It envelopes us,
It entices us,
Reflecting in the silences, it awakes our soul....

May we blessed in connecting with ourselves.


Friday, 4 March 2016

Every Divine Fibre

May the divine rest within our sinews,
May it give us a strength to shoulder the everyday.
May it sink into our tendons,
May we be ready......
Let the every day know that you are ready,

Ready to absorb the falls.....
Ready to rise!
The divine is aching to be released in the deep part of you.....

May we recognise the divine that is abundant in our heart,
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
May we recognise it sleeps and wakes without us knowing,
May we recognise it in others......
Let the brightness of the day see its work
Let the shadows of twilight prepares us a place in this world...

May we be blessed with knowing...
That each one of us falls
That each one of us feels
That each one needs love
That the divine needs us more than we need it....

Let us welcome that desire of divinity...
May it be invited to every fibre of our being...
Let it reflect our inner self to the outside world...

Let the glory of our potential shine forth!

May it be so.

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