Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Holding onto my own......barely.
The sense of anguish consumed my breathing.
This uncalled for penance came like the wind.
It brought me to my knees....
My hands grasping for air....
Reaching for God and begging him to relent?

But he waits with unlimitedness.........................................................................
But I suffer from the greatest of all agonies and he grants nothing and everything.

I see the twilight of my days... I witness the coming days!
It is upon me...
                        and fear clings to me, it holds me in a vice!

It's Jaws are Cold!

The solitude of hope is but a moment in youth and
the dream is held throughout our ageing coil.


A Spiritual Comedy. Act One

The Soul and The Desire sit under a tree.... they are both playing conkers. 

Enter The Messenger. 

The Messenger: I come with good tidings

The Soul: I knew it... I knew it....this is so exciting!

The Desire: Really. What is it this time?

The Messenger: Behold........I bring 'The Unknown'.....

Enter The Unknown

The Unknown: Behold! I am 'The Unknown'

The Soul (Stands up quickly) Oh! I expected something a little more grandeur.


The Desire: He said grandeur, not louder.....

The Messenger: Let us marvel at the possibilities.

The Soul: (Pulls The Messenger to the one-side) I'm wanting this.....but there's something missing with this picture.

The Desire: I'm not caring for this.... is there a pub near here?

The Soul: I'm comprehending the unknown, but I need something more practical... a little concrete?

The Unknown: By the gods and goddesses and all that which is in-between! No, you can't have something concrete! I am THE UNKNOWN.

The Soul: I understand that....I get the over-arching principle of your premis, put can we put something in writing?

The Desire: I fancy a burger with my pint, pint of cider would wash that down very nicely. Salsa or Mayo on the Burger that is the question?

The Unknown: Writing something down goes against my ethos.

The Soul: Oh, so you have your own raison d'etre, mission statement?

The Unknown: (with some inpatience) Not really a Mission Statement.........

The Desire: Perhaps a bowl of chips to start with.......

The Soul takes The Desire to one side

The Soul: Will you shut up about pub food.

The Unknown: I think your missing the point about the Unknown.

The Soul: Perhaps..... but I'm imagining for something to know, to comprehend, to feed this (he taps his chest)....what have you to offer?

The Messenger: Well I have stood here long enough in silence I can introduce you to...... Behold The Land! [Enter The Land - he is not happy]

The Unknown: Thank you The Messenger, Farewell (They hug) [The messenger exits]

The Desire: Do you know where the nearest pub is?

The Land: Hello Lads....

The Desire: Yes, Hello....do you know when the nearest pub is my old friend?

The Soul: For the love of all the gods and goddesses and everything in-between!

The Unknown: Behold I am still here!

The Land: Thank you..... for your clarification.... I'm here for you both, what is your needs?

The Desire: Needs...I'm just one big need, for now I want to go to the pub?

The Soul: (Grabs The Desire) Will you get a grip of yourself! Have some self control!

The Desire: (Gently releases The Soul from him, with some consideralby strength).... my friend and constant companion, only the lack of age and drink is my need.

The Unknown: Perhaps I can fill in that gap? Seeking me will do something for that need?

The Desire: Truly, The Unknown can fill in that need? How can fulfilment of this (Points to his stomach) be fulfilled by (Waves his arms dramatically around then points to The Unknown) by you?

The Land: (coughs) Me, on the other hand, have a lot to offer that (he points to The Desires stomach)

The Desire: Indeed you do my friend..... you know where the pub is located?

The Soul: This is getting beyond the Joke! My friends Estragon and Vladmir had the same bloody problem..... here lies the conflict my friend, The Unknown is in front of us.... is it not sufficent enough to fulfil our need?

The Unknown: You have it?

The Soul (Falls to his knees and prays dramatically) Let us pray.


The Desire: Maybe later, I'm going to the pub, coming (Says to The Land, and then to The Unknown)

The Land: My friend, I think you misunderstand. Me and The Unknown (The Land walks over to The Unknown), well we have a date. We have always been togther...... Like you my friends.

The Unknown: Goodbye.... I'm sorry. (He pats the head of The Soul who is still praying)

The Land and The Unknown exit. 

The Desire: You have got to be joking........

The Soul: (still in prayer).... didn't see that coming?

The Desire: Will you open you eyes then!

The Soul: I'm in deep contemplation and reflection.

The Desire: Already!

The Soul: Be quiet. I'm having a moment.


The Desire: (Sits next to him, bored)

The Soul: Shhh

The Desire: I haven't said anything.

The Soul: Shhh

The Deisre: Oh come on, lets go for a pint!


The Desire: When in Rome. (He goes onto his knees and prays)


The Soul: It's time.

The Desire: It's time?

The Soul and The Desire stand and exit. 


Monday, 22 August 2016

A Blessing

A moment held in time and space.

The everyday halts for the sacred.

We stand in tranquillity and expectation,
We are humbled by days gone by,
We become part of its history....
                                        it's beauty.....
                                              it's generosity.......

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
Love profound deep from the heart of my soul,
Love openly showing with every tear and smile,

Their journey together has seen such woes
Their journey together has seen such joys

In the present instant....in the time that is now,
We become aware of no tomorrow or yesterday,
The now is present, present with your presence,
and nothing in the world can change this story.

The Chalice is lit....
Together with all the years behind and all the years to be glorified.
And the divine smiles upon our recognition - and the blessing is given!

A blessing - Opening up to the possibilities, the dreams, and promises of the heart.

Deep inside your soul you hear a voice calling,
A voice incomprehensible................................
                                          It manifest's itself with all the expressions of your heart!

May the divine encircle you in gentle light
and may you conquer that which needs conquering.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

George Bernard Shaw was right.....

Left or Right it doesn't matter,
there is no real alternative these days.

They have melted the fire,
They have taken away our desire,
We have found ourselves in a mire,
We have become a global crier!

Left or Right its all the same!
Obama should hang his head in shame,
Nobel Peace Prize!
No Nuclear Warheads!
Drone Wars!
Killings at Home!
The Torture Bay Still Holds On!
And Trump gets the blame.
Clinton the Shadow of Shame!

They have melted the fire,
They have taken away our desire,
We have found ourselves in a mire,
We have become a global crier!

Left or Right?
Shaw was right!

This is the Poets Fight.

Monday, 15 August 2016


You tell your story.......

Your friends' eyes twinkle in anticipation and delight,
Words fail you - but the story continues in your heart,
laughter pours from your stomach and the tears spill,
you struggle with your anecdote
broken words.....and shrills break through the air!
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Your friends face each other....
The tale lost in cathartic merriment,
The love is infectious,........
Words fail and fail every time!

The bond of laughter has begun,
No rhyme or reason why.....

But our story is now lost in time....
and the stranger wants to join in!

Laughter can be the release of the struggling soul,
When we find home with a bird of the same feather.

The purge of the deep-self has renewed us!

The story is retold without the hysteria,
and a wry smile is all that is had.........
..........................................with exhaustion.

But sometimes, the soul has not been purged enough,
and so the laughter will continue................................

May it long continue, my friend.

Monday, 8 August 2016

the forgetful unitarian

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
She says she is open to all,
but not this or that anymore.

He says that all belief is accepted,
but not that particular brand of thought!

We have no creed or dogma,
We rejoice in our freedom and liberty.

But She and He have created,
A creed and dogma of dislikes,
A creed of snobbery and a dogma of narrowness.

He has abandoned the ocean of belief and thought,
She lives on an island of self-importance.

They have forgotten to be a Unitarian.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Here I Stand....My Covenant.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
I'm listening to the soul that sings to me,
I'm deeply listening to the souls that can't sing.

May your soul sing bravely so it splinters through the darkness,
may your light pour into the realm of truth and time,
you're being illuminating freely, uninhibited with expressions of love!

May those who sing, which is warped with ego and self-righteousness, be prepared for me,
I will be ready with a smile.....

For I laid my heart and mind in reconciliation with that which is greater than I and eternity.

And I have taken his hand, with his last act upon Calvary.....I will serve....

May I serve those I love with all my energy.

May I serve those who despise my energy...

For here I stand...


The Landscape before the Veil

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