Wednesday, 29 November 2017


when is this mercy given?
...................................and to whom? 

a forgiveness with authority. 
a compassionate rest of the hand on your shoulder.
a wise smile followed by "It's done..... 

But......but.....followed "but"

a head lay slumped.....,
I wouldn't mind fractured bones,
I wouldn't mind a scared face and body,
I wouldn't mind.........
A broken body and I won't mind....
the Divine Mother Father will define me by them.....

Words have a longing and lasting effect....
They rip into your soul......

Please be gentle........

A ripped heart is tied to your essence....
Your essence is tied to God....
Your words are spoken to the divine....
the pain we feel is the suffering of the divine mingled with our essence....

Hold the suffering, with God
Hold the words, with God
Hold the pain....................
Allow God to heal the torn and fragile ego.

I raise my head and pull those nails from the cross...
rise again, rise again, rise again!

Mercy being granted is like when a miracle occurs....



Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Thine eyes look in wonder, delight and full of curiosity,
to the grand illustrious sparkling garden of the universe,
I stand on this beautiful terrain with all the seasons in my being,
the horizon graces my position and I need to know the becoming and departing....

Then with unknowing knowing Humanity created God.

But what of this object that is wrapped around this mortal coil,
this shape, this image, I had no part in creating, it has no part of what sings inside!
This object that I have to travel all my days, is it a vehicle for this journey only?
And that which created God, the unknowing knowing was created before all.....

Then with knowing the unknowing, Humanity knew its Soul,

and with that our purpose....

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Prayer of Knowing

Spirit divine, come to us and bless our presence in this world,

May we have space and time to reflect,
May we be blessed with wisdom for others and not entirely our self,
May we be blessed with vision which sees beyond our self,
May we be blessed with a patient mind.... allowing time for others. 

May we consider the values of others before our self,
May we be open to other interpretations, perceptions, and alternatives....

May we know that the rules of this world have been written and can be unwritten,
May we be aware that we have a purpose here in our community and in this world.....
May we be aware of the power we have... to grant mercy to those around us, this is the greatest of our gifts.....

May we be gentle to those we meet.... you do not know the pain that resides in the hearts and minds of others....

May we be blessed to have access to the deep self, the still quiet voice of God in our conscious - guiding us on the path that we have taken..... 


Thursday, 16 November 2017

In Conversation

I praise you O’ my God.
Grant me space, the compassionate wisdom to listen and……
To react with tolerance,
To react with patience,
To react with reason,
To react with acknowledgment,
To react with the gift of trust,
To react with a gentle tone,
To react with softness and comfort,
To react without prejudice,
To react without assumption,
To react without status,
To hold your own in humility, respect, and reverence.
To hold our space and ground in love.  

I praise you O’ my God, that we are held in such a space when I am being held to account. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017


The moment of emptiness,
leaves us with a deep longing,
the swelling of our soul and eyes,
cascading from our darkened vision,
the pressure pushing and pulling our heart.
The purity of our grief is initially expressed in those tears that were once laughter.
But as we remain in this world - will the absence be temporary?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My Dog Blue

I wake to see him staring with joy, 
he licks my face to awaken me....
I smile to feel unquestioning love, 
his heavy paw lands on my head.

"Oh Blue"....I say
"Give me a moment"

It's hard to resist as I stroke and scratch behind his ear, 
I jump from my bed and with eager excitement I softly say,
"Do you wanna go for a walk"

The pattern and tone brings joy to his being, 
He dances around
He jumps around
He barks as loud! 

I quickly get dressed, 
no time for a wash.
His needs are greater than mine....
I don't want his joy to be lost...

He barks to hurry me on,
I'm embroiled in his excitement and egg him on! 

"Do you wanna go for a walk!"

Said louder than before....
He barks and dances like never before. 

I run down the stairs and into the kitchen I go, 
He dances around me all they while......
.....and my hand stretches to that thing of joy

His lead and collar, a temporary restraint as I take him to our sanctuary...
the fields, woodlands, and our childhood valley....

He is straining all the way as I take him to that park....
and when he is released, off he flies and dances....

..........and I walk alone in that park and in my mind's eye I still see him dance, run and chase,
my Blue.... 


The trench was tumultuously filled with trauma,
Faces flung upon the frozen earth, eyes wide in a blaze of fear.......
numb hands gripped around ancient prophecies of death,
their fortune.....lost on the whim of a few!

We believe in the royals and the so-called aristocracy,
blinded by pomp and circumstance...
blinded by STATUS.....
blinded by EMBLEMS
blinded by EGO

I stand firmly on my ground,
I face them squarely and I cry......REPUBLIC!

Remember they died because we allowed it,
We could have prevented it.....

The Lansdowne Letter.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

November Saturday Morning

...and that darting acrobatic dancer...danced in staccato fluid motion,
...and the wet leaves clung lifelessly upon the tarmac...lethargic hopelessness,
...and their kindred nestles in the long wet blades of green with an unbroken cycle,
...and the morning light finds translucent sadness upon the leaves that will never continue,
...and the acrobat stops in remembrance amid the lawn of my home,
...and we stare
...and he or she remembers the haven of its sustenance,
...and I take in the beauty of its presence and envies its simplicity.
...and on the Sandstone wall, the curiosity of them all,
a pair of foxes holds my gaze for a moment in the dawn.
camouflaged by the canopy of green of the ancient oaks,
...and was that a smile they gave me as they jumped from my sight?!
...and that darting acrobat moved with a flutter and a jump.

I breathe in the November Saturday Morning air,
The Autumnal Chill and the end of the early rain,
...and yet
I feel the world will never be the same.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

unbridled joy

The unbridled joy of companionship,
they nestle into each other as one,
their oath, written on ancient manuscript,
their bond is stronger when they run.

Their sense of belonging is beyond our knowing,
when parted, no human can taste their grief.
Only a few of us have this harrowing,
If we find that call, our love won’t be that brief.

Be the person you were meant to be.....

the anchor of illusion holds you down,
the horizon of your dreams are clouded.
you strain upon the waves of slavery,
you begin to drown in regret and bitterness.

as you drown this is the time to live or die,
these mortal coils are for us only once.
as you splutter and life passes before you eyes,
find the strength to release the anchor...... it is an illusion!

you in the vastness of the eternity unable to breathe,
hold that moment and remember your dreams.
gently release and push yourself to the ceiling of hope,
and with a breaking of the watery ground.....

be the person you were meant to be................................

The Landscape before the Veil

My hand slipped into her hand, held with fellowship and hope, that her soul will be lifted with the wings of love, and she will be united wi...