Wednesday, 31 May 2017

the prayer to the poor

Hear my prayer.

Beauty in the fractured souls,
Let there be Hope in their being.
May the divine ease their suffering.

This is our prayer.

May their plate be filled with food.
May their heart be filled with Joy and Serenity.
May they have a restful sleep, undisturbed by fear and dread.

This is our prayer

Heavenly Father.
Heavenly Mother.

Bring shelter to the fragile ones.
Forgiveness for their errors.
May they find a courageous soul for their fragile voice!
May our hard and cold hearts, soften and warm to their choices.

This is our prayer

Jesus died for us.
His resurrection is our second chance.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Urban Artemis

I was the hunted.
I was followed, watched and understood.
I was blind sided.
I was vulnerable and exhausted.
I got lost.

It was my own fault.
It was in my head.
It was all in my head.
It was all in my head.... there was no escape.

I turned for help...
Everything in my mind turned to stone.

I was caught high and dry.
I saw the huntress,
I didn't see the huntress!

Her mask slipped.

But I was lost in with the celts.


She had me and I was ready to die.

I had nothing and have nothing.

Its all in my head.

I hear Kate Bush ....... "wake up".

Saturday, 6 May 2017

a tender dream of adventure

Lost in the coves of pure creation,
adrift on the waves of uncertainty.
Wide-eyed innocence staring down upon me.
Wide-eyed unknowing staring into eternity.

It's quiet voice whispers to me.....
'Who are you stranger; in our world of yesterday, 
who dreams of our tomorrows?'

Keeping balance in my floating world,
my paddle skims the surface of my mortality.
It sinks into the depth of my being when still,
holding the vista that the millenniums birthed.

It's quiet voice whispers to me.....
'Who are you stranger, in our world of yesterday, 
who dreams of our tomorrows?'

I Sing!
'My purpose is to hold...
My purpose is to bring hope... 
My purpose is to bring laughter... 
My purpose is to love...
My purpose is to stand on the brink!'

It's quiet voice whispers to me....
'You are not a stranger; for this is the world of the now,
who lives with the possibilities.'


Friday, 5 May 2017

Crystal clear shard

It protrudes through the ebbs,
It lies waiting with its millions and billions,
Partially hidden.
Patience my friend. 
Patience my friend. 

Be gentle when you take that shard from the sands.
It took millions of years to be formed and find its home.
Easing it from its sojourn's rest and holding it in your palm.
That crystal clear shard.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

an act of kindness

It holds that moment forever in my heart,
reverberating in my being for eternity.
When it seems it came from nothing,
When it seems it came from out of the blue.

There was a gentleness to their decision,
which encompasses itself in the realm of peacefulness.
There was no judgement in their tone,
which accompanies itself with a tender smile.

For a brief spark, a spark for an instant,
Our senses fused in knowing each other.
And in that brief exchange in time and place,
An act of kindness changed my world.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Splintered Darkness.

I've roamed around in my cave,
I've seen the light around the stone, 
But I have watched the splintered darkness,
the stone has yet to be rolled away. 

The fragility of our souls.
The harshness and love I have felt, 
The hopes that have washed away into eternity.........
The love that is held by you and me. 

I've roamed around in my cave, 
I've seen the aura around that stone, 
But I have watched the splintered darkness,
the stone has yet to be rolled away. 

I stand on a pillar with bridges expanding to all, 
burning the bridges was envitable and grace smiles upon me. 
The Truth will wash my brokenness. 
Freedom beckons me onwards, to be who I am. 

I'm roaming around my cave...
and I catch the brightness around the stone,
But I'm watching the splintered darkness, 
the stone has yet to be rolled away. 

My soul has been asleep by the concerns of others, 
My soul's creative power has drowned in my own doubt. 
and the storm has been and gone and I have survived. 
and the landscape of my wilderness surrounds me. 

I'm staring at my hands in my cave.....
and I see the stone around the daylight.
and I catch the splintered darkness in those hands, 
the stone is yet to be rolled away! 

My weakness must be transparent, 
The raven is not that great. 
But we all have a strength in the substance of our souls. 
It is time to roll away that stone. 

I have rolled away that stone.
I embrace the beauty of the world.
My only soul open and broken...
My only soul broken and open...

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