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the innocent and the good

I crumbled under the weight of everyone's pain...
I fell flat and bloodied.
It didn't matter that I lay messed up... their view of life was the important issue...
the life they lived... the life they thought was right... the life without alternatives...
It was right I was battered, for they did not know why what they did... and so I had to show them the horror of their pain.
They dragged me to the hill and nailed me to the cross... propelled up for all to witness! The foulest of deaths.
I forgave them of their selfishness, their unknowing, their blindness! And as the last breath left me... they turned to another... for their suffering was quenched by the blood of the innocent and the good.

Own It!

I'm the batter... and the catcher and the pitcher wink, smile and give the knowing look. Own it! They are going to make it hard. Shortstop is ready... and the basemen know exactly where you will be going... and the world watches you... 
Own it! 

The world will put pressure on you. 
Own yourself.
The world will put demands upon you. 
Own your environment
The world will consume you of your energies 
Own your power. 
The world will want us to endure through the overwhelming feelings it places upon us. It wants us to succeed. It wants us to gather ourselves what it throws at us. The world is in a constant struggle with us. It will knock us off balance... it will send us the curveball... it will send us the cutter, splitter, and the screwball... 
Own it... as the pressures of the world fall upon you, be ready to reorder your life. The priorities in your life. Focus on the pitcher... smile at the pitcher... and as you smack it with the fullness of the bat, and the vibration swells to your f…