Tuesday, 18 December 2018

If he never existed, not at all.

If he never existed, not at all.
A myth, an imaginary character catapulted into the chronicles of humanity.
If we believe this.....

If we believe that behind Christianity,
behind the Christian Church,
behind the New Testament,
behind St Paul and St John....

If we believe that behind the Gospels that there is no such person.

If we believe that this person who was the inspiration and origin behind All this..

Behind all this Jesus was an imaginative character created for a piece of fiction,
that the voice of a carpenter did not spoke of the Prodigal Son...

If he never existed, not at all...

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

In that Instant

For nine months he was growing in the world that changed me forever.
And in that instant before eternity he was with God,
And in that instant after he became a miracle,
He was a divine spark in the womb, of the woman that changed my life forever.

For nine months we waited,
But he could not wait any longer,
It was his time to come into the world,
Into our lives and in that instant....

in that instant, our hearts swelled with joy.
in that instant, God reappeared to me.
in that instant, we knew love.

in that instant, I became a Father and my world changed forever.
Photo taken by Phil Waldron. Emerson Waldron. 2018

Hanging On

They are hanging on to their power...                                                                                                     ...