Will I be a Hero or a Coward?

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
May I be blessed knowing the wrongs I have done,
as the waves smash the cliff face with innocence.

May I stand upon that precipice longing for truth,
before my innocence takes away my longing.

May the innocence of my being be woken up to me,
the debris of my naivety tumbles with a loud awakening.

May the earth under my feet support me through this,
but the horizon is shadowed by the tsunami I have caused.

Will I fall like the coward under the mistakes I have made
or will I rise like the hero?

No philosophy can teach me how. It can only bring me to that edge of choice....

There lies in each soul a coward and a hero, it is our natural division of seeking truth and safety.

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