Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Race.

The watching oval. The anticipation of dynamic motion in the stillness.

Kneeling and head bowed to the monarch of Glory.
Heads up!
Eyes wide upon victory.
The intake of air focused and measured.

Take the form of the speeding cat.

An eagerness ready to explode upon the start.

The explosion.

Every divine fibre is released in a heart beat.

The battle to victory is relentless.
The mortal coil is sprung into speed.

The watching oval erupts in joy!
The stillness a distant past.

The faltering slip and a victim falls.
No time for mercy.
The race has begun.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Candles of Joy and Sorrow

The photograph was taken by Philip Waldron. 2013. Gateacre Chapel.

May the light you hold clear your path on a road of continuous sorrows,

May the light sparkle with the joy that you hold in your heart!

May the flame warm the hearts of friends and families where they have gone cold.

May the words that are spoken over the flame rejoice in the little miracles in our lives.

May our love embrace you as you light your candle in silence

And in the silence, we share the unspoken truths.

Let these candles burn brightly forever in our lives.

Saturday, 12 August 2017


It's okay to rest. 
The world will revolve. 
The sun will still rise and set. 
The moon will show off his favourite side. 
The moon is fickle!

It's okay to rest. 
Find a piece of woodland. 
Walk off the path.
Allow your shoes to get wet. 
Allow your shoes to get dirty. 
Stand and breathe. 
breathe in the moisture.....
breathe in the sound......
breathe in this eternity that has been here before humanity. 
breathe and rest. 

It's okay to rest
because if you don't you can't play in this busy world! 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The rising

My hand clenched into the muddy swamp.
My knees drowned in shallow water.
My body soaked in the heavy rains.
My body shattered with all the jolts and pains.
The screams are heard in every direction.

I fell flat on my face.....
the exit wound took my breath away.

It took everything away.

Let there be a resurrection!

Let there be a rising of fellowship.
Let there be a rising of a community.
Let there be a rising of cooperation.
Let there be a rising my friend.... my comrade..... my brothers and sisters!

Let there be a rising!

Fire and Fury

The divine destroyer of old! 

Those poor innocent workers.
They had no say to the king's hard heart! 

With his magic staff, he demanded religious freedom. 
With his magic staff!

Hard hearted "No!" 

This was a battle of wills. 

He didn't listen this King of Slaves. 

And God sent Fire and Fury to the innocent. 

In Exile

O' the stars were aligned,
the formation of our being was ready.
The bottle of Red was placed,
and the pouring of our hearts was not steady.

The old days and vibrancy,
we could not escape our fate.
Tied to the broken mast of piracy,
the siren song was my new estate.

I was smashed upon the rocks on foreign shores,
Wild cattle upon the hill were so affluent.
Stranded in exile surrounded by those stars,
I needed to learn again, again to be gallant.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Love God with all your fibre of being.

What is behind and before?

Love God with all your fibre of being.


Reunite your being.

With.....heart, mind and soul.

Love God with all your fibre of being.


It is not a falsity.... it simply a way of finding harmony in the dischord of your being.

Why should I invest into the invisible?

For you to see how I see the world. Love me with all your fibre of being and you will know.

Let them fall.....

I stumbled over all that I dont understand, but I rise with knowledge and experience.

Let the young fall.
How will they be great if they dont?

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Miracle

Those moments we call miracles,
those unusual signs from the divine?
Those moments of serendipity,
the hand of God did not lay upon them!

The divine does not lie in anomalies!
It does not rest in mystical coincidence!

Look around, child of God.
Look around.......................

Open your mind to the wonder that is around you.
Open your heart to the possibilities that the divine has granted to you!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Presence

Leave falsity behind you.

Leave pretensions behind you.

Release yourself from selfish thought.


Breathe in the twilight air. 

Let go of the thought after thought.

Let go of the desire after desire.

Our time in this world is short.


Feel how still the breath is.

Feel the rhythm of your being.

See the twilight sky.

See its perspective.

It's ancient light taking on countless forms.


and God is in a state of perpetuity... and the mystery of life will take on those countless forms.

and feel the night air upon your face...


The eternal presence is upon your soul as the night air is upon your face.

Open up your heart.

Let the tears make trails upon your face.

Find that the dust in your eye that blinds you, is but a speck.


Let there be a holy quiet rest in your being.

Let those things that have vexed you, that have irritated you, that have made you fearful.

Let those things be blown in the wind.

Let there be a new resolution in your soul.


Let these things vanish like snow upon the sea.

You are liberated.

You are free.

You belong with eternity.


The countless beings, the multitude of souls are connected with God.

You have touched Heaven.



Would that day,
like many others before and after.
Would that day.....ever happen?

The hearts and minds of men
have been wronged.

The broken heart of mothers
that has been wronged.

The staring into the horizon,
the child parents gone.

God manifested in the eyes of a child.
Innocence diluted by egoism and nationalism.

The dust and rubble.
The mist of time lost to the illusion of patriotism.

Could life be any better..... if we followed the Lansdowne Letter?

The hand of peace was stuck firmly on the strategic map of war.

And God was seen in the innocence of a child.

The Landscape before the Veil

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