A Blessing

A moment held in time and space.

The everyday halts for the sacred.

We stand in tranquillity and expectation,
We are humbled by days gone by,
We become part of its history....
                                        it's beauty.....
                                              it's generosity.......

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016. 
Love profound deep from the heart of my soul,
Love openly showing with every tear and smile,

Their journey together has seen such woes
Their journey together has seen such joys

In the present instant....in the time that is now,
We become aware of no tomorrow or yesterday,
The now is present, present with your presence,
and nothing in the world can change this story.

The Chalice is lit....
Together with all the years behind and all the years to be glorified.
And the divine smiles upon our recognition - and the blessing is given!

A blessing - Opening up to the possibilities, the dreams, and promises of the heart.

Deep inside your soul you hear a voice calling,
A voice incomprehensible................................
                                          It manifest's itself with all the expressions of your heart!

May the divine encircle you in gentle light
and may you conquer that which needs conquering.
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