Sunday, 19 February 2017

A fallen angel

In the gloom and vast darkness,
shards of light are trinkets of rarity,
there she lay, chained to the cold rock,
her wings wrapped around her coil,
battered and broken, feathers scattered.

Her golden hair ripped and ragged!
Her luminosity drowned by doubt,
Her silken muslin, charred with despair.
Her being draped with unparalleled gravitational pressure.

Her chiseled cheekbones
Her eyes.....oh her eyes...
They saw their souls and this is her punishment!
Chained to the rock of Judgement.

Her wrongs minor.
Her error.
Her past totally forgotten!

                           ..............and there she waits for authority to give her the final blow.

Painting by Philip Waldron ©

Friday, 17 February 2017

A glass of water

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017

It seems inconsequential as it rests on the table top.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.
It seems it has no story to tell.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.

O' it has a story!
It is the story of life...
and in a simple drop lies the mystery of the universe
and in a simple drop lies the creation of our being
and in a simple drop lies the abundance of our creativity
and in a simple drop lies the beginning of our history

It seems inconsequential as it rests on the table top.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.
It is the story of all stories.
Drink deep and know your origin.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Spiritual Comedy: Act 3

Lights Up! 

The Desire and The Soul shade themselves from the sudden light! 

The Desire: That went up a bit too quickly.

The Soul: No gentle rising of the Sun!

The Desire: Gentle rising of the Sun?

The Soul: Yes.... (he motions with his hands) gentle rising of the Sun.

The Desire: Are you serious (he motions with his hands) gentle rising of the Sun!

The Soul: Yes, I'm serious, gentle rising of the Sun.

The Desire: The Sun, is by no means gentle!

The Soul: Well.... I know, but it's vision from afar is beautiful.

The Desire: Sometimes I wonder with you.

The Soul: Ditto.

The Desire: Well I'm all adjusted now, with that sudden, and not so gentle, rising of the Sun!


The Way of Joy

And the child opposite me took my hand,
her curious blue eyes tilted my soul,
tilted it to where it should always be,
I then heard the Way of Joy sing to my heart.

The veil of sorrow has been taken away,
and my ego has melted in the snow!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017

Not before I have corrected the wrongs
Not before Father Time has released Truth,
Let her fly with Justice -
Let them stand their ground with Authority and Love!

My Superheroes!

And the child opposite me took my other hand,
her curious blue eyes locked in my soul,
a place where I felt something more than me,
I then felt the Way of Joy being in my heart!

The veil of sorrow has been taken away,
and my ego has melted in the snow!

Their hands reached out...
.........................................and with Courage they pursued without restraint!

And the Ten Ways of Sorrow were understood,
and the Way of Joy was sung into the heart of my being.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Tenth Way of Sorrow

Nobility and Strength brought them all to the mount.

They huddled together for the breaking of the Mothers Heart.
Anguish ripped her throat of voice.
Anguish drowned all thoughts of hope.
Anguish crushed her desire of being.

His garments stripped from his mortal coil!
The Man! Thrown onto the wooden scaffold,
Pain immeasurable - traversing every part of him.

The thunder like strike upon iron - tearing through his palms and feet.

Hoisted up...........................................

And he stood.
In his armour
his spear standing true
his stomach weak from all this pain
his heart weak from all this suffering
his mind weak from all the relentlessness

Each strike, 
Each scream of anguish.
Blinded him from the dream of possibilities.
And as he was raised for all to see,
he was summoned for a final act.....

They gathered at the foot of his ending.........
He smiled.....
               then looked to the west
                                     then held the soldier in his heart. 
                                                         and his death fell upon the world with a cry to God,

and the Tenth Way of Sorrow was sung into the brutal and darkened heart.


Ninth Way of Sorrow

As she was dragged away....
the full weight of the horror fell upon him.

Under the weight he lay and remembered.

"We will always be here for you My Master"

He leaned into him.....
"Disciple, you will deny me on this very night"

"What madness My Master, I would never break your heart"

Embracing him with no malice "Three times you will relinquish all knowing."

"My Master, I have no intentions of our relationship being a burden"

".... it is the choice you will make that will make who you are......"

Bringing him closer

"But let not your past define your whole being"

Jolted by the screams of frustration and impatience,
he awoke from his momentarily rest-bite.
And from the crowds his Disciple was seen...
Quivering all over, his face sullen and tired.

and so the Ninth Way of Sorrow was sung into the bitter heart.

Eighth Way of Sorrow

His decision of doing nothing was an action,
an action of allowing,
letting others to open themselves to their own selfish desires.

She fell into her room,
She ranted and wailed at the heavens!
She ranted at powerlessness!
She ranted at womanhood!
Her anger grew as loud as any trumpet!

She wept with deep heart ache.

But there was resolve, a steel no man could match!

She tore through the street
she ripped through the soldiers and those who mean harm.

She clasped upright the man who was condemned.
Eye to Eye they face each other,
And for a moment the weight of horror laid upon both of them.

The soldiers wept for the tenderness that followed

His palm rested upon her face with love.

"Do not weep for me, daughter of the world, let no tear be upon your loveliness"

and so the Eighth way of Sorrow was sung into the regretful heart.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Seventh Way of Sorrow

As he fell for the second time,
under the weight and pain,
no matter how much support was given,
he remembered..... it started with a kiss!

....and at the edge of a strong tree stood that man,
with guilt in his eyes,
for the envy of his being
but he longed for justice,
but justice had changed into a monster and it dragged the song of sorrow to his end.

The truth met across that road,
under that tree his final act will be upon this world.
But the sufferer did not want the divine story written this way.
What sort of author was he?!

He raised himself with all his strength,
"Not that way, you always followed a painful way..... I am the way!"
But this was lost on the wind, for there was no strength in his song...

and the Seventh Way of Sorrow was sung in the jealous heart.

Sixth Way of Sorrow

She saw him being supported.
The procession faded up that dreaded mount.
She picked up the veil that was blown from her hand.

Her beauty was radiant.
Her heart was torn.
Her decision was made for acceptance and survival

She folded her veil and placed it with the other fragrant cloths.
The distant jeers and attacks were fading in her being,
As she continually folded the linen...

and so the Sixth Way of Sorrow was sung in the regardless heart

Fifth Way of Sorrow

They jeered and shouted at him.
They pushed and shoved him.
They attacked and cursed him.
It was a mindless display of society.

And in the shaded room, the two Sons stared at their Father.
His tears glistened in the darkness.
From the darkness the light shines the brightest!
The Son's saw their Fathers resolve.

Under the weight of horror and turmoil, 
each step was screaming for relinquishment. 
They taunted in a mindless voice,
harbouring their own anxieties on this poor wretch.

Then the beholder of generosity and strength, 
broke into the mindlessness of cathartism,
and the two sons lamented for the mob
and the mob looked into their own being...

The swell of the wretch's heart as they stared into each others being,
The Father took the burden for a while....
The Father took his pain.... just for a while.... 

and so the Fifth Way of Sorrow was sung into the thoughtless hearts. 

Fourth Way of Sorrow

Her husband consoled her of the news.
Her daughter with the same name fell to her knees.

She took her hand and pleaded to go to see him,
"His footfalls will echo into eternity."

The other, with the same name, entered with fury!
"Come you fools, do not indulge in your suffering"

But she wailed and failed her son.

"Mother, each moment is passing by - do not hesitate."

But she wailed and failed her son.

"Mother-in-law, each moment is passing by - hear your daughter."

But she wailed and failed her son.

And the father could not bear it any longer...

The roar of the crowd could be heard,
the jeers and shouts of delight.

With a broken heart, who took no part in their foul decisions,
he entered with curiosity in his eyes.... they fell upon the Mother.

"Why leave him alone?"

"I have failed wailing and lingering have left him alone."

But with nobility and strength, we can face the hardships,
we hold ourselves to courage, hope, and faith...

and so the Fourth Way of Sorrow was sung into our hesitant hearts.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Third Way of Sorrow

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
They were relentless in their arrogance!
Their shouts and screams made no sense. 

He did listen...
He wanted to understand... 
He remained open to the end... 

But they were suffering and they didn't want to face the mirror,
content in their knowing, in their imagined reflection, 

He did listen...
He wanted to understand...
He remained open to the end... 

They mocked him every chance they could get, 
every opportunity of so called error was waded upon. 

He did listen...
He wanted to understand...
He remained open to the end... 

But as he lay underneath the wooden frame, 
his life was to end by anger and arrogance,
the fuel that kept burning in their hearts, 
was of despair and hidden truth. 

He raised the wooden scaffold for all to see, 
to know that he will continue on his road, 
but by doing so.... 

                opportunity was lost by all... 

and the Third Way of Sorrow was sung into our intimidated hearts! 


Second Way of Sorrow

She had been washing her linen,
    her linen was fragrant and sweet.
She heard the voices of fury and despair,
   it brought her out to see the crowds.

Her beauty was held in terror and heartache,
   her features frozen in sympathy and powerlessness.

She grabbed her veil and ran to the poor man,
   what wrong had he done?

As he fell under the weight of his sacrifice,
   his bloody scared face unrecognisable.

She fell with grace and respect,
  he raised his sorrowful image before her.

With dream like elegance she gave her veil,
  the weight of human error fell with no remorse.

He brought the veil to his face and soaked the injuries,
  the freshness of love and kindness washed over him.

The crowds gathered round the fallen rebel,
  he stared at the woman with the veil.

She was frozen in profile, scared to approach the mob,
  her veil fell to the land in sadness

.....and the Second Way of Sorrow was sung into the hearts of those who standby and dream.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017

Friday, 10 February 2017

First Way of Sorrow

Her husband was anxious and she prayed.

He couldn't sleep....

                          a decision was to be made.

She longed to council and support him.

They stared - into - each other...

His tenderness empowered by her love.

But.... the powers that be and the voices of populism sang their tune!
Internal Politics Made Public!
They wanted that Man to suffer for his claims and deeds.

She wept in her room,
"Grant my husband the power to do what is noble and right!"

But.... his empowerment was strangled by their selfish desire.

And as she slept,
the world of dreams reinforced what was true in her being.
She woke with dreams in her hands!
She woke knowing the truth, that these hands, will make your deeds noble and true!
People will then know who you are, with love in all that your say and do.
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017

The meeting had taken place.
Her husband sat upon the throne of judgement.

There before him, that Man stood,
Her eyes rested upon him.... and the dream came true.

She then whispered into her husband's ear,
"He is innocent my love, have nothing to do with this matter"

He raised himself disregarding his wife patiently and gently,
he then washed his hands and walked away.

The mob cheered and the First Way of Sorrow was sung into our being.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Florentine Tango

The music begins.....

He acknowledges the woman, her dress defines her,
She is beautiful...
She is strong...
She is determined to follow his part.

The look of approval is given,
His hand reaches out gently for her,
Their hands are bonded...
and she judges him gently, so gently...

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
             they both enter an embrace,

They are close enough to know they are two beings
but then, he hears the note, which indicates unification.
They are one entity, dancing to the melancholic romantic music,
The masculine walks with hunger and desire,
The feminine walks with desire and hunger!

The Latin American cacophony makes him turn,
he opens himself to her, but never is there a moment she leaves him empty,
she turns into the emptiness,
her loveliness is equalled by his vulnerability.

His weight poised in secrecy,
but she always knows the puzzle,
she follows with all the answers,
his elaborate questions have been responded.

The bond is hypnotic!

The music comes to an end,
and like waking from a dream,
They remember fragments of their magical tale they created,
They remember for a moment their souls connected.

The Landscape before the Veil

My hand slipped into her hand, held with fellowship and hope, that her soul will be lifted with the wings of love, and she will be united wi...