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The Olive Garden

It started with a Kiss....

Leaning into him,
Holding him with tenderness,
a gentle embrace......

was there a moment of hesitation...
a moment of doubt...
a moment of reluctance...

or was he a doomed man from the beginning,
his tragic story divinely written?

The earth under his feet, did it feel him tremble?
The earth under his being did it know?
The earth giving life to the Olive Tree.

From the shadows, they waited for the tender sign, the loving sign, the ritual of closeness!

The lips pressed on his cheek delicately...

and a faith started with a kiss.....

My hands in the earth.

My hands in the earth,

I clench with all my strength....

I feel the soil as it clings to me, as much as I cling to it.

We are bonded more than we know.

Breathe in that which surrounds you...

Hold that breath!  Hold it with all your might! And when your time is near the end....


experience the breadth, experience everything you can muster, experience it all as it leaves this mortal coil....

My God.... hear my cry!
I have lived.
It was not in vain...
I have loved.
Far too many times...
I have memory, sorrow and truth...
I have witnessed what the earth has for me...
But Oh God... I see a world of promises and dreams
These tears are not of loss, but of what can be... the dream of HUMANITY lighting up the stars!
Our Identity is more than our languages, our customs, our flags, our ego...
Our Identity is strong as Tungsten and as fragile as Trust!
My God.... I live in these years of brokenness
Hear me! O' Children of God.....
You have lived, You have loved, You have Memory, Sorrow …


whose highest ideals do we imagine to have?
what benchmark do we put ourselves with?

what is our there a level?

what relationship with God do you have?

.....................did have?

.......................won't have?

.............................will have?

Only you know this.....

sharing this is like lifting the stars over your shoulder and bringing them together into the palm of your hand.

The onlooker will never understand you!

the fearful wind

the fearful wind is fierce and furious and I face into it!
I have too.... for the wind will send me into cover,
into the darkness...
I become desperate in the shadows.

Fear is the harbour and I have untethered from it,
I was tethered to popularity...
I was tethered to a safe place...
I was tethered to what was comfortable...
I was tethered!

the harbour offers security and authority...
the fear of being oneself...
the fear of having yourself challenged in the open sea...
brings us to the harbour of conformity.

I stand at the bow of the ship,
let them question me
let them harm me
let them say what they believe needs to be said....

for not too long, I will be in the open sea and they will cling with a death grip to the harbour!

Mother's, Son

She was STRONG! Defiant in the face of all the odds...
 in front of all, that was right or wrong...
 she stood on her land, her way, her compass pointed truly.
  her strength is my strength
  her emotion is my emotion
  her courage is my courage
  her perseverance is my perseverance
  her memory always in my heart.

She was STRONG and I'm her son!


The Waves are boiling, steaming vapours streaming from the cracks,
filled with hate and loathing.

The Cracks....always there.
The Cracks....filled in with ambition.

The Cracks...longing for LOVE!

The Ocean Tidal Walls are rising.
The Fiery Waves licking my humble raft...
I keep it balanced....
My eyes wide open to the anxiety all around.

The Worlds Waves are on fire!
The Ocean Spray are bright with amber.
The Ocean surface is thick with  a green mist!

I can't see the horizon,
Blinded by the spray and the mist.

The boats that sail this ocean,
Rejoice in the spectacle...

"Ahoy" I turn, others are on rafts
Tentatively keeping afloat!
She points to the wave....
My eyes blinded by the shadow of a future,
A future I can't see........

My garments fall away, burnt and fragmented.
My skin burnt and soaked,

I fall to my knees and crack the fragile raft,
My knee soaked and splintered.

I pray...

The silence falls upon me...

The Stillness awakens my deep senses...

The voice of Go…

En Garde!

They take their formal stance, their eyes giving away nothing,
Their eyes giving-a-way of something.......?
Their body's posture is poised into defence and attack,
The SWORD in one hand and a main gauche in the other.

They circle as if rehearsed...
The past insults are forgotten, only the blood is wanting,
and the tears are prepared,
May the lament of sorrow be an eternal echo of such tragedies....

The witnesses are like frozen empowered statues,
In-between worlds of the living and dead...
The Cry of the Raven whispers their names,
The Clash of the Blades sings in the Air.
The sword is thrust to the neck,
the parrying dagger glances-slides it away,
and countered with the sword to the stomach,
feet move quickly turning the body to the side,
the blade flies through the air, the shining sharp......
the blade that's parried swirls over the head,
to plummet down into the thigh
a quick step back to defend!
WITH a dagger close to the neck,
it springs with accuracy to the foe!

Near The Brink

And the horizon seems dull and bleak...
It's majesty that beckoned me to something nobler... has encroached on my mortal expectations... .............and it has taken THEM all away. 
The once said deeds and dreams....  are held in the parents loving arms,  are held in the strongest embrace,  are held with a forgiveness that God has bestowed upon me. 
And the horizon seems SO dull and bleak... It's majestical colours vibrant and changeable... It has encroached on my mortal expectations... ...............and it has taken it ALL away from US. 
I laid my foundation stones and honesty to this land!  the labour of my efforts, what did I see!  What spoils were granted to me, to us, to you? What lavish riches fell upon your lap, was it so easily?
Do they ever feel shame? 

And the horizon is dull and bleak... Its vividness blinding my... my silhouette, a void, on a canvas of oils!  The years of learning expressed in innocence, The years of expression wasted? 
We craved for the underst…