Saturday, 30 December 2017

The fire side reflection

I remember...

I sat in the darken living room,
The cold surrounded my back,
But... the front of my being was
Bathed in firelight... fire heat...

And I now bathe in the heat of memory!

I sat with my sister... enjoying the dancing flames,
No electricity for us, like so many, was poor.

My Mum... she came home from work in those winter months...
And one night she brought unquestionable love in a box,
A puppy called Bobby!
Black and full of joy...
I remember the smell of him...

The more poverty of no electricity...
The smell of coal and fire,
The aura of the cold brought from my Mum.
And the love in a box...

Friday, 29 December 2017

New Year Blessing

The end of the year is nigh… and we welcome 2018 with celebrations, reflections, and memories. The year leaves us with the fast approaching sound of Big Ben. And so… 

May you let go of the things that wish to leave you, do not hold onto things, for the year will bring you adventure if your mind is released from those that gave you identity and purpose in the past.

The world is full of happenings to our being… do not believe that the winds of circumstance shape the self. Become what the deep-self wishes to become. Strive with all your heart, mind and soul. 

Break free the unconscious self into the conscious self. Dreaming of the possibilities is outward, inward exploration of our being is the beginning of awakening the deep self.

The deep self is craving for its identity, its truth…
Is our being in this world… driven by Fate?

Or is your deep self, wishing to be sought out by the conscious self, to be the “I” you always wanted, desired to be? Is this our personal destiny? 

The seeking of our soul… reaching to that which was created by God, the divine, the great mystery, Mother Earth, Mother God! 

The purpose of our being in this glorious world is to be who we are meant to be…

Is this our salvation?

May your steps be Brave ones… gentle steps are needed… for the deep self is fragile. Those who attack your body are tiresome. The body can take the blows. 

The deep self can be hurt easily… so those around us… be gentle with your words. 
The Ego is delicate…

The gifts we have been given are not ours alone… we are to share them with authenticity and honesty… the flower shares its beauty and scent, the tree grants shade to those who wish it, the rain drenches us if we dare to step out… braver still if you take off your shirt! 

They give without cost... 

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The evil of Man.

The cave entrance held no light... 

the stillness echoed on the edges of its opening...
the depth fell away from my knowledge... 
..........and I was swallowed by fear. 

Yet, the stream of water flowed without hesitation, 
the singing bird flew in and out of the chasm. 

And I couldn't enter without certainty, without protection. 

Nature was...
I, self-knew only fear...

I didn't stop to hold myself and be the stream.
I went in with all the evil in my being. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Carpenter

As you walk the fields of your life, with all its obstacles and joys. As you look around you and see the possibilities.

May you be blessed that the possibilities are liberated from the self. That the world of the external releases its oppressive grip on the aspects of your internal.

May you see the side of your being that wishes to project itself find courage.

As you walk the fields of your life, you may have made dividing lines, you may have built fences to separate your being from those who have hurt and pained you.

But you are the carpenter of your life.... you are the bridge builder... you are the builder of your home...

The gateway to your being is either closed or open to the other possibilities.

The ultimate carpenter built bridges to those who were fenced off from society. He opened the possibility that there is no division in status.

That the break in the land can be mended with a bridge...

You are the carpenter in your life... you also have the power to build bridges.

May you build the bridge to liberate yourself from the external. May you build the bridge to bring healing to the scarred land of your being.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

within the girdle of these walls

Let us find solace within the girdle of these walls…

Let us bring ourselves to a steady rhythm……

Holding ourselves through the struggles and obstacles that lay before us…..

Slow ourselves… and perceive the pitfalls that can be circumnavigated….

With the calm mind and heart…. We bring ourselves to those difficulties…

Know that they have no place within these walls….

But let us be ready, ready to listen to other voices, voices of fragility, frailty, and confusion…

May we be able to counsel those whose heart and mind are vexed,

May we be able to whisper words of comfort that will set their minds and hearts to rest,

May we be able to share a burden and navigate them safely through the difficult times ahead.

May we be blessed in prayer to hear the spirit of God…..

May we be blessed in reflection to hear words of ancient wisdom that echo in your being…..

May we be blessed in reason to know our own mind, and walk


Friday, 8 December 2017

greater than the flaws

May our being be focused on the identity of community,
May our relationships weave in and out,
A tremendous tapestry!
Creating an image of kindness…
May the colours be bold, strong and tender.
May it be imperfect…..
May there be missing threads…..
May we smiles at the accidents that made this image….
May we work together to weave in and out,
To create an image of healing,
To fix the brokenness or to hold it…..
May you be blessed with the power of attempting….
May you see the wonder of mistakes,
May you be in an abundance of patience and be able to step back!
For the image is greater than the flaws you focus on.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Glory to God in the highest

The star-filled sky shined with glory
and we rode through the night...
What we will say will not be a story
and there they sat around a campsite. 

They were tired, hungry and marginalized, 
We came from out of the darkness...
and they were wide-eyed and demoralized,
We lifted our voices to show we were harmless. 

Glory to God in the highest we cried, 
and on earth peace among those with whom he is, pleased! 
We pointed to the town where he will be born...
and into the darkness, we messengers did leave. 

And the men who tendered the sheep
had hope in their heart for their guide,
as they entered, the spirit of God was asleep,
but awoke when the poor were fully inside! 

Friday, 1 December 2017

garments of love

Let us come together in prayer….
We are fashioned by the winds of circumstance,
We are fashioned by the winds of regret and loss.
We have clothed ourselves in the victories we fought for,
We have clothed ourselves in the losses which we hide from others.

The masks we wear hide the pain and sorrow,
They adorn the self we project to the world…

Be careful you don’t project hostility, anger, and jealousy….
Tread carefully that your ways don’t disturb the paths of others…..
Tread carefully that your ways do disturb the paths of those who cause harm.....

Too often in this world, we wish to make our mark,
Make our stamp of success.

Too often we think of ourselves and only ourselves….
The image of the self is perfect.

We find excuses to excuse our ways, so we don’t become responsible,
Are the garments of irresponsibility always in our wardrobe?

Too often we find ourselves lost with other concerns….

But may you adorn yourself with something radical and old.
May you be blessed to know the secret of your being….
That which makes you strive forward each day….
That which makes you bravely bare the whole self to this savage world,
May you have the courage to share your vulnerability…
May you be blessed to have tenderness, kindness, and compassion dressed upon you,
So others will want to be in your presence....

May you be blessed with these garments of love.  

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