Monday, 21 November 2016

That Jolly Fat Man!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart!

IT IS a time of family and friends gathering in warmth, 
IT IS a time of giving and receiving in the hope of something greater, 
IT IS a time of merriment and GOOD CHEER! 
IT IS a time of reflection, with that wry smile and a tear in the eye, we think of those long ago's. 

IT IS a time of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart, 
as I hurried down those stairs, excitement beating triumphantly!   
A moment pause, all the promises behind that door, 
my hand instinctively turning the living room light on, 
The glint and sparkle of the wrapping paper, the abundance of gifts on the floor! 
I smile with gladness and delight, but in thought, 
knowing how my parents were poor,
the abundance was for their children's delight! 

Giving, without thought for themselves. 

Hoping for better days! 

They brought my dreams to me and love in their hearts...
As I slept every day throughout the year! 
But the culmination of their love was in That Jolly Fat Man! 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Vanguard of an Age.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
Where are they?

An age of greatness hidden in a library.
Coated behind drabness.
An Age of Enlightenment Hidden...
An Age of Greatness Hidden...
An Age of Wonder all gone?

Where is our Vanguard of our Age?
Where is our Future of Greatness?
Where is our Future of Wonder?
Where is our Enlightenment?

                                             It is hidden in small places,
                                           It is softly spoken in coffee shops,
                                            It is being held in comfort because it is so fragile.......

Be tender to each other...
It's all we have in this world, each other.... without each other, we are stranded.

The vanguard of our Age is lost in the chaos of objectivity and economics.
The drab wallpaper hides them, layer after layer... we wait for that one person who will inspire us.
The one person who will hold our hand...
             .....................................................and take us into a future filled with promise.

and from the small places and coffee shops... there will rise our Vanguard of a NEW AGE.

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