Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Florentine Tango

The music begins.....

He acknowledges the woman, her dress defines her,
She is beautiful...
She is strong...
She is determined to follow his part.

The look of approval is given,
His hand reaches out gently for her,
Their hands are bonded...
and she judges him gently, so gently...

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
             they both enter an embrace,

They are close enough to know they are two beings
but then, he hears the note, which indicates unification.
They are one entity, dancing to the melancholic romantic music,
The masculine walks with hunger and desire,
The feminine walks with desire and hunger!

The Latin American cacophony makes him turn,
he opens himself to her, but never is there a moment she leaves him empty,
she turns into the emptiness,
her loveliness is equalled by his vulnerability.

His weight poised in secrecy,
but she always knows the puzzle,
she follows with all the answers,
his elaborate questions have been responded.

The bond is hypnotic!

The music comes to an end,
and like waking from a dream,
They remember fragments of their magical tale they created,
They remember for a moment their souls connected.

The Landscape before the Veil

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