Monday, 13 February 2017

Seventh Way of Sorrow

As he fell for the second time,
under the weight and pain,
no matter how much support was given,
he remembered..... it started with a kiss!

....and at the edge of a strong tree stood that man,
with guilt in his eyes,
for the envy of his being
but he longed for justice,
but justice had changed into a monster and it dragged the song of sorrow to his end.

The truth met across that road,
under that tree his final act will be upon this world.
But the sufferer did not want the divine story written this way.
What sort of author was he?!

He raised himself with all his strength,
"Not that way, you always followed a painful way..... I am the way!"
But this was lost on the wind, for there was no strength in his song...

and the Seventh Way of Sorrow was sung in the jealous heart.

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