Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Ninth Way of Sorrow

As she was dragged away....
the full weight of the horror fell upon him.

Under the weight he lay and remembered.

"We will always be here for you My Master"

He leaned into him.....
"Disciple, you will deny me on this very night"

"What madness My Master, I would never break your heart"

Embracing him with no malice "Three times you will relinquish all knowing."

"My Master, I have no intentions of our relationship being a burden"

".... it is the choice you will make that will make who you are......"

Bringing him closer

"But let not your past define your whole being"

Jolted by the screams of frustration and impatience,
he awoke from his momentarily rest-bite.
And from the crowds his Disciple was seen...
Quivering all over, his face sullen and tired.

and so the Ninth Way of Sorrow was sung into the bitter heart.

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