Friday, 10 February 2017

First Way of Sorrow

Her husband was anxious and she prayed.

He couldn't sleep....

                          a decision was to be made.

She longed to council and support him.

They stared - into - each other...

His tenderness empowered by her love.

But.... the powers that be and the voices of populism sang their tune!
Internal Politics Made Public!
They wanted that Man to suffer for his claims and deeds.

She wept in her room,
"Grant my husband the power to do what is noble and right!"

But.... his empowerment was strangled by their selfish desire.

And as she slept,
the world of dreams reinforced what was true in her being.
She woke with dreams in her hands!
She woke knowing the truth, that these hands, will make your deeds noble and true!
People will then know who you are, with love in all that your say and do.
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017

The meeting had taken place.
Her husband sat upon the throne of judgement.

There before him, that Man stood,
Her eyes rested upon him.... and the dream came true.

She then whispered into her husband's ear,
"He is innocent my love, have nothing to do with this matter"

He raised himself disregarding his wife patiently and gently,
he then washed his hands and walked away.

The mob cheered and the First Way of Sorrow was sung into our being.

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