Fifth Way of Sorrow

They jeered and shouted at him.
They pushed and shoved him.
They attacked and cursed him.
It was a mindless display of society.

And in the shaded room, the two Sons stared at their Father.
His tears glistened in the darkness.
From the darkness the light shines the brightest!
The Son's saw their Fathers resolve.

Under the weight of horror and turmoil, 
each step was screaming for relinquishment. 
They taunted in a mindless voice,
harbouring their own anxieties on this poor wretch.

Then the beholder of generosity and strength, 
broke into the mindlessness of cathartism,
and the two sons lamented for the mob
and the mob looked into their own being...

The swell of the wretch's heart as they stared into each others being,
The Father took the burden for a while....
The Father took his pain.... just for a while.... 

and so the Fifth Way of Sorrow was sung into the thoughtless hearts. 

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