Monday, 13 February 2017

Fourth Way of Sorrow

Her husband consoled her of the news.
Her daughter with the same name fell to her knees.

She took her hand and pleaded to go to see him,
"His footfalls will echo into eternity."

The other, with the same name, entered with fury!
"Come you fools, do not indulge in your suffering"

But she wailed and failed her son.

"Mother, each moment is passing by - do not hesitate."

But she wailed and failed her son.

"Mother-in-law, each moment is passing by - hear your daughter."

But she wailed and failed her son.

And the father could not bear it any longer...

The roar of the crowd could be heard,
the jeers and shouts of delight.

With a broken heart, who took no part in their foul decisions,
he entered with curiosity in his eyes.... they fell upon the Mother.

"Why leave him alone?"

"I have failed wailing and lingering have left him alone."

But with nobility and strength, we can face the hardships,
we hold ourselves to courage, hope, and faith...

and so the Fourth Way of Sorrow was sung into our hesitant hearts.

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017. 

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