Eighth Way of Sorrow

His decision of doing nothing was an action,
an action of allowing,
letting others to open themselves to their own selfish desires.

She fell into her room,
She ranted and wailed at the heavens!
She ranted at powerlessness!
She ranted at womanhood!
Her anger grew as loud as any trumpet!

She wept with deep heart ache.

But there was resolve, a steel no man could match!

She tore through the street
she ripped through the soldiers and those who mean harm.

She clasped upright the man who was condemned.
Eye to Eye they face each other,
And for a moment the weight of horror laid upon both of them.

The soldiers wept for the tenderness that followed

His palm rested upon her face with love.

"Do not weep for me, daughter of the world, let no tear be upon your loveliness"

and so the Eighth way of Sorrow was sung into the regretful heart.
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