wake up.

He believes he’s righteous and justified.

He believes it to be so....

The letter to the Ancient Italian “for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God”.

It is written…. and they believe.

O’ they believe, the quiet ones!

They will be pushed, they will be shouted at, they will be cried upon in horror, they will poke that fiery ego….
                       And then, hidden in the belly of that continent, it will come from its cave.
With its Righteous Anger!

And it will slaughter those who pushed, shouted, cried and poked!

O’ the liberal has prejudice,
O’ the voice of the margins will slip out in fury, unnoticed…

Its voice lost.
We never truly understood.
We became arrogant in our righteousness.

He has been before and he will come again.
He believes….
I retreat…… into the reasonable shores of the continent.
Let not the covering of history be looked upon with, ‘what if’'

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