Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It was my doing

I had nothing.

I had no one. 

It was all my doing. 

I stared at my empty hands.... facing to the heavens. 

No divine intervention. 

The wind came, the chill made me warm. 

The company I did not expect, wrapped me up, 

It encircled me, a forever a constant!  

The nerve endings have not gone away.

The hairs on my arms stand, signalling a reaction.

But my desire of feeling has gone. 

The air is salty...

My lungs are full of joy and memory...

I grip the railing and stare into timelessness 

the ripples reflect regret....

It was all my doing. 

I didn't want that tear, but it fell,

The tear broke the ripple and my reflection of regret transformed into agony. 

The railing melted under by strength...

I stand welcoming God in my despair.

His presence precisely where it should be........

It was my doing.... 

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