Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Dream of Intervention

I took his hand....

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
"Perhaps, that's all it is...."

The struggle and desire of the heart are lost with expectation. 
Until we become wise enough not to care....and too late to do anything about it? 

But the young are held in our hands...
They are cradled with a noble expectation...

I tighten my grip....
"They have hope and longing in their eyes........."

Our broken wisdom looks back at old days with longing. 
The future in our hearts and minds is beautiful.... for God within longs for it, 

The kingdom of God is within!
Tears of joy are falling my friend.  

I bring him close and hold him tightly...
"I am here for you.......

Over his shoulder I watch them pretend that all is well in the world, 
his heart and mind broken, shattered... not knowing. 

Then, like a sudden wind, the messenger appeared by my side. 
and rested their heart upon mine..... 

My smile is victorious and the sudden wind scattered the broken wisdom into a thousand parts. 

His eyes were full of knowing. 
We stared into the world with a glimpse of the dream. 

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