Wednesday, 25 January 2017

That Sinking Feeling

O God hear my prayer..... 

It seemed everything was fine and dandy.
It seemed...........

I made plans!

I had been conscious and considerate of others.
I had been mindful of every action....
                                                       ..... sacrificing my own being for others. 

I thought I prepared the way. 

It was a minor thing. 
It was inconsequential. 
It blindsided me! 

And all the good, all the considerate thoughts and deeds, fell around me. 

I am in despair of my mistakes.

O' Child of God hear me...

I hear your despair and sorrow.
Lift up your heart and let the tears stop flowing 
Your deeds of compassion and consideration will live long in the heart and minds of others!
A single mistake.... measured for the whole you, are measured by those who wish you harm. 
A single mistake.... is measured for what it is. 
A single mistake.... is measured for what it is.... the measure of your life should encompass all of your life and not just that mistake. 

You were born to make mistakes.... by not learning from them, this is a tragic mistake.... 

O' Child.... I embrace you with love!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
I take you by the shoulders and whisper.....

"The harshest Soul is the kindest human, for they are layered with self-criticism and doubt, they put others before themselves and live with sorrow and eternal hope, I know you child of God

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Lorraine said...

to see the painting that was inspired by these words click the link..I think we all need to embrace ourselves with love sometimes when life gets tough


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