Tuesday, 31 January 2017

into the wild

They illuminate the arched dome,
the ceiling of humanity glittered and sparkled,
the natural fireworks brought wonder to my heart, 
the tidal waves of colour floated across the heavens. 

I held my spear, the sharp in the air! 
The frozen world glistened in the moonlight.
the majestic mountains monitored our world,
the landscape of the wild will test my being. 

My hand slips into the fur of my companion,
his ice blue eyes waiting for the rush, 
awaits for the work that he longs for, 
awaits for the pleasure in his purpose. 

The frozen particles of the air rush,
rush into my lungs................
........................................... I hunger for my purpose.
I hunger for what is longing in my deep self.

The landscape of wonder is breaking, 
my other companions stir and prepare. 
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2017
I turn to my belongings, wrapped with practicality and love,
the motionless frozen twilight has been stirred!

"Mush, Mush!" 

Joy leaps into the heart of my companions, 
the jolt of the sledge jumps with gladness. 
The blades cut through the ancient ground, 
Scars sliced into the unknown world.

I'm bound for adventure....

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