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within the girdle of these walls

Let us find solace within the girdle of these walls…
Let us bring ourselves to a steady rhythm……
Holding ourselves through the struggles and obstacles that lay before us…..
Slow ourselves… and perceive the pitfalls that can be circumnavigated….
With the calm mind and heart…. We bring ourselves to those difficulties…
Know that they have no place within these walls….
But let us be ready, ready to listen to other voices, voices of fragility, frailty, and confusion…
May we be able to counsel those whose heart and mind are vexed,
May we be able to whisper words of comfort that will set their minds and hearts to rest,
May we be able to share a burden and navigate them safely through the difficult times ahead.
May we be blessed in prayer to hear the spirit of God…..
May we be blessed in reflection to hear words of ancient wisdom that echo in your being…..
May we be blessed in reason to know our own mind, and walk


greater than the flaws

May our being be focused on the identity of community, May our relationships weave in and out, A tremendous tapestry! Creating an image of kindness… May the colours be bold, strong and tender. May it be imperfect….. May there be missing threads….. May we smiles at the accidents that made this image…. May we work together to weave in and out, To create an image of healing, To fix the brokenness or to hold it….. May you be blessed with the power of attempting…. May you see the wonder of mistakes, May you be in an abundance of patience and be able to step back! For the image is greater than the flaws you focus on.

Glory to God in the highest

The star-filled sky shined with glory and we rode through the night... What we will say will not be a story and there they sat around a campsite. 
They were tired, hungry and marginalized,  We came from out of the darkness... and they were wide-eyed and demoralized, We lifted our voices to show we were harmless. 
Glory to God in the highest we cried,  and on earth peace among those with whom he is, pleased!  We pointed to the town where he will be born... and into the darkness, we messengers did leave. 
And the men who tendered the sheep had hope in their heart for their guide, as they entered, the spirit of God was asleep, but awoke when the poor were fully inside! 

garments of love

Let us come together in prayer…. We are fashioned by the winds of circumstance, We are fashioned by the winds of regret and loss. We have clothed ourselves in the victories we fought for, We have clothed ourselves in the losses which we hide from others.
The masks we wear hide the pain and sorrow, They adorn the self we project to the world…
Be careful you don’t project hostility, anger, and jealousy…. Tread carefully that your ways don’t disturb the paths of others…..
Tread carefully that your ways do disturb the paths of those who cause harm.....
Too often in this world, we wish to make our mark, Make our stamp of success.
Too often we think of ourselves and only ourselves…. The image of the self is perfect.
We find excuses to excuse our ways, so we don’t become responsible, Are the garments of irresponsibility always in our wardrobe?
Too often we find ourselves lost with other concerns….
But may you adorn yourself with something radical and old. May you be blessed to know…


when is this mercy given?
...................................and to whom? 
a forgiveness with authority.  a compassionate rest of the hand on your shoulder. a wise smile followed by "It's done..... 
But......but.....followed "but"

a head lay slumped.....,
I wouldn't mind fractured bones,
I wouldn't mind a scared face and body,
I wouldn't mind.........
A broken body and I won't mind....
the Divine Mother Father will define me by them.....

Words have a longing and lasting effect....
They rip into your soul......

Please be gentle........

A ripped heart is tied to your essence....
Your essence is tied to God....
Your words are spoken to the divine....
the pain we feel is the suffering of the divine mingled with our essence....

Hold the suffering, with God
Hold the words, with God
Hold the pain....................
Allow God to heal the torn and fragile ego.

I raise my head and pull those nails from the cross...
rise again, rise again, rise again!

Mercy be…


Thine eyes look in wonder, delight and full of curiosity,
to the grand illustrious sparkling garden of the universe,
I stand on this beautiful terrain with all the seasons in my being,
the horizon graces my position and I need to know the becoming and departing....

Then with unknowing knowing Humanity created God.

But what of this object that is wrapped around this mortal coil,
this shape, this image, I had no part in creating, it has no part of what sings inside!
This object that I have to travel all my days, is it a vehicle for this journey only?
And that which created God, the unknowing knowing was created before all.....

Then with knowing the unknowing, Humanity knew its Soul,

and with that our purpose....

Prayer of Knowing

Spirit divine, come to us and bless our presence in this world,
May we have space and time to reflect, May we be blessed with wisdom for others and not entirely our self, May we be blessed with vision which sees beyond our self, May we be blessed with a patient mind.... allowing time for others. 
May we consider the values of others before our self, May we be open to other interpretations, perceptions, and alternatives....
May we know that the rules of this world have been written and can be unwritten, May we be aware that we have a purpose here in our community and in this world..... May we be aware of the power we have... to grant mercy to those around us, this is the greatest of our gifts.....
May we be gentle to those we meet.... you do not know the pain that resides in the hearts and minds of others....

May we be blessed to have access to the deep self, the still quiet voice of God in our conscious - guiding us on the path that we have taken..... 

In Conversation

I praise you O’ my God. Grant me space, the compassionate wisdom to listen and…… To react with tolerance, To react with patience, To react with reason, To react with acknowledgment, To react with the gift of trust, To react with a gentle tone, To react with softness and comfort, To react without prejudice, To react without assumption, To react without status, To hold your own in humility, respect, and reverence. To hold our space and ground in love.  
I praise you O’ my God, that we are held in such a space when I am being held to account.


The moment of emptiness,
leaves us with a deep longing,
the swelling of our soul and eyes,
cascading from our darkened vision,
the pressure pushing and pulling our heart.
The purity of our grief is initially expressed in those tears that were once laughter.
But as we remain in this world - will the absence be temporary?

My Dog Blue

I wake to see him staring with joy,  he licks my face to awaken me.... I smile to feel unquestioning love,  his heavy paw lands on my head.
"Oh Blue"....I say "Give me a moment"
It's hard to resist as I stroke and scratch behind his ear,  I jump from my bed and with eager excitement I softly say, "Do you wanna go for a walk"
The pattern and tone brings joy to his being,  He dances around He jumps around He barks as loud! 
I quickly get dressed,  no time for a wash. His needs are greater than mine.... I don't want his joy to be lost...
He barks to hurry me on, I'm embroiled in his excitement and egg him on! 
"Do you wanna go for a walk!"
Said louder than before.... He barks and dances like never before. 
I run down the stairs and into the kitchen I go,  He dances around me all they while...... .....and my hand stretches to that thing of joy
His lead and collar, a temporary restraint as I take him to our sanctuary... the fields, woodla…


The trench was tumultuously filled with trauma,
Faces flung upon the frozen earth, eyes wide in a blaze of fear.......
numb hands gripped around ancient prophecies of death,
their fortune.....lost on the whim of a few!

We believe in the royals and the so-called aristocracy,
blinded by pomp and circumstance...
blinded by STATUS.....
blinded by EMBLEMS
blinded by EGO

I stand firmly on my ground,
I face them squarely and I cry......REPUBLIC!

Remember they died because we allowed it,
We could have prevented it.....

The Lansdowne Letter.

November Saturday Morning

...and that darting acrobatic dancer...danced in staccato fluid motion,
...and the wet leaves clung lifelessly upon the tarmac...lethargic hopelessness,
...and their kindred nestles in the long wet blades of green with an unbroken cycle,
...and the morning light finds translucent sadness upon the leaves that will never continue,
...and the acrobat stops in remembrance amid the lawn of my home,
...and we stare
...and he or she remembers the haven of its sustenance,
...and I take in the beauty of its presence and envies its simplicity.
...and on the Sandstone wall, the curiosity of them all,
a pair of foxes holds my gaze for a moment in the dawn.
camouflaged by the canopy of green of the ancient oaks,
...and was that a smile they gave me as they jumped from my sight?!
...and that darting acrobat moved with a flutter and a jump.

I breathe in the November Saturday Morning air,
The Autumnal Chill and the end of the early rain,
...and yet
I feel the world will never be the same.

unbridled joy

The unbridled joy of companionship, they nestle into each other as one, their oath, written on ancient manuscript, their bond is stronger when they run.
Their sense of belonging is beyond our knowing, when parted, no human can taste their grief. Only a few of us have this harrowing, If we find that call, our love won’t be that brief.

Be the person you were meant to be.....

the anchor of illusion holds you down,
the horizon of your dreams are clouded.
you strain upon the waves of slavery,
you begin to drown in regret and bitterness.

as you drown this is the time to live or die,
these mortal coils are for us only once.
as you splutter and life passes before you eyes,
find the strength to release the anchor...... it is an illusion!

you in the vastness of the eternity unable to breathe,
hold that moment and remember your dreams.
gently release and push yourself to the ceiling of hope,
and with a breaking of the watery ground.....

be the person you were meant to be................................

I'm with you

And the divine breathed through us,
so that we may live!

The breath of God is still with us.

If we hold ourselves for a moment,
in the beauty of the natural world,
we can feel this divine breath throughout,
it caresses our being....
it touches our soul....
it whispers......................

And in the days of trouble,
the days of mental anxiety,
the days of financial burden,
the days of loss...the burden of grief and despair....
the lonely evenings when loneliness conquers all.

Where is God?

God gently resides,
an unseen presence...
hidden in silence and contemplation.
hidden in the twilight of our being.....

Let us find the presence that is eternal....

Breathe deeply......
and you will begin to recognize yourself again.
Breathe deeply and you will touch the divine in the stillness of your being.
You will then know...

God caresses our being....
God touches our soul....
God whispers every day to us.... in the deep breath you will hear the answer.



I had caught the essence of my dream,
stilling the anxiety in my turbulent heart.
It cured the lingering loneliness,
making me courageously full of my being.
The universe slowed and raced into eternity. My shaking Mind!
My eyes filled with aching sorrow,
my heart pained by a timeless guilt.
I faltered!
The essence went with the North Wind.
The colours of twilight transformed my horizon.
And there was that centurion of the Imperial Order.
It's eyes aflame with falsity and convention,
It's sword frosted with the indiscriminate innocent souls,
warped on its shattered edges!
At its feet, she lay broken.
She that flows through all those with pure thoughts of truth!
Her blindfold in the wind.......
Clutching in her hand was my dream!
My hand reached hers and I spiraled into the twilight air!
The stars swirled and rotated into a robe of dreams.
Landing squarely before the Centurion,
Its blade fell upon me!
But my dreams are blade proof as it shattered it into stardust.
I plucked his fiery eyes with an intak…


I didn't know it was me, to be a lonely soul,
But I have always been the lone white wolf.
Finding myself in the night to make me whole,
Howling at the moon in despair..............

The cry heard across the plains of sorrow,
where my heart was laid bare and fractured.
The echo of my howl seeped across the tundra,
my head bowed low and I humbly find shelter.

The moon and stars is my blanket,
The ground a land controled by the others,
To have wings would be a monstrosity,
I pad away in shame and guilt....

They point and criticise....
The mark of something unholy.
For what is holy?
We all are?

Im alone here with all these people..

They will never know the path I walked,
Shaped by a darkness.

Her letter said when she died "Im sorry for your childhood.... you weren't supposed to be in our emotional war"

And so I don't know how to love....

phenomena & naumenal!


That's all we know.....that which is

as it is!

through our knowing, knowing through the senses.

The senses of our being, know.........assume to know!


We assume to know the phenomena.

But what of imagination?
That which resides within our deeper senses
That which is ready to pour from our senses
That which is formed in our being!
Is Imagination a sense of seeing? A deeper seeing?

What are phenomena?

The soul's creational heartbeat....... imagination.

Become aware of space and time.

We conjure the force, the naumenal, to our present time.
Brought together from that which we know little....if anything....ego will tell you different!

Do we limit ourselves to the outer-senses?


How do we sharpen the senses which are inward?
How do we perceive the phenomenal?

It is that which exists and changes in front of our senses..... we are phenomenal!

a decision.......

O' God I stand before you and ask the universe to guide me,
I stand before the majesty of life to bring me to a conclusion,
to the conclusion that will begin those things that bring joy, tranquility, and adventure!
I stand before you with humility, openness, and reason in my being.
Let them stir my imagination.

Let myself be released from the things I believe are mine,
Let myself go from what I have created and made.... for all that I have done does not last forever.
Understand that we have no absolute control  - trying to hold onto it will cause despair,
I have a place in this world... but compared to others I am the same.
Let this ease my soul of desire.

Therefore, O' God!

I stand before you to guide me through the decision I have to make,
release me from permanence and ego!

And in the deep stillness of the night.... my Lord God come to me like a thief in the night,
I pray to the divine in the light of day... knowing the answer will wake with me.


The world is a stage!

You should never sacrifice: your family, your heart, or your dignity....... when we fall and we will. And there is no one around. Pick yourself up slowly and gently - no need to rush, you're already on the floor. Breathe in deeply when you do stand. Let it out with wonder, aspiration, and mutter to yourself "What the Hell!". Find yourself will take time! We all get lost. We all lose sight of who we are. When you have sacrificed your family, your heart and your dignity.... it seems there is nothing left.... and perhaps there isn't. Just slowly build yourself up and hold onto what is important, to that which makes you feel good, to that which makes you laugh, hold onto that which makes you feel loved. Life isn't a rehearsal.... the world is our stage and we have no script. Make your story a good one. But don't worry, no one has the script.... 
We thought we had the script when we were young. Oh, how foolish we were. The gentle and harsh arrogance of y…

the loss of innocence

And what is innocence?

The purity of being?
The fulfillment of obedience?
Following the rules?

What parameters do we follow?

The authority who is our controlling guides?

was Innocence the loss of our connection to God?
Who said?
...............................a text over 2500 years old?

The world is in need of a guide to release us from our postmodern traditional theological construct!

Phew..... I'm glad I got that off my chest,

I stand upon a New Mount.
a new mount with a new way.


Hot Chocolate

The lady on the table had an attractive goblet,
the smell of its loveliness enticed me over.
To the bar, I went and ordered my Hot chocolate,
Jesus didn't have it this good at the Passover!

The barmaid said "I will bring it directly to you,"
with patience, the muses stirred for me to write this sonnet.
she brought the goblet as I was searching on Yahoo,
with delicacy and love she put forward my Hot chocolate!

This Goblet of Liquid Treasure was a thing of awe,
Both hands wrapped this as if they were in orbit.
And with measured pace, it poured down to the sound of "Ah"
Nothing in this world is as rich on a cold day than a Hot Chocolate!


There you have it!
Did Franco believe in freedom of the voting booth?
Was this Spain's dreary dreamy disillusion?
Did Franco believe in the dreams of the young and free?

When voices cry out for freedom,
when voices cry out for a different sovereignty,
when the fresh ink on parchment wishes to rewrite a new constitution!
Whose right is to oppress the voices of exploration and newness?

brave new worlds are born, like the coming together of a planet.
the supernova is about to happen......
and the beginning of new worlds will be created!
the beginning of a new way!
the beginning of the end of a broken system.

Its on the horizon!
Its have it!

Gallant Knight

A gallant knight of Old,
Held his sword of souls.
He sat upon a rock of mold,
his armour cracked with holes.

Sorrowful eyes looked to the west,
behind him a field of horror.
No food or water will he digest,
only thoughts of being an explorer.

It came from behind, the enemy,
swallows knowing the final pierce!
all about ego and jealousy,
his breastplate shudders, the impact so fierce!

A gallant knight of Old,
drops his sword of souls.
He fell from the rock of mold,
his armour cracked with holes.

Tears fell from his blue aged eyes,
and held the assassin, with a smile.
"The truth will appear from your guise,
your actions are that of spoilt juvenile".

And he who left this world,
many will remember his good.
But for the few who came and curled,
around a campfire and cursed his sainthood!

Wide Blue Eyes Open

Clumsily she stares in wonder,
her smile affectionate and full of love.
She crawls with intrigue and curiosity,
her guardians of love embrace and play,

The guardians are touching God,
the purity of creation brought together in love.
The bundle of love and life has dreams to share,
she will sparkle with divinity.

We all sparkle with divinity.

Las Vegas

O' Spirit Divine, I rest with you....

I rest with you not to understand,
not to fathom the tragic day that will turn into a field of sorrow and loss.

But I rest with you.....

May you come to me in times of human tragedy,
and temper the unholy feelings of revenge!
The seeds of anger will begin to take root!
The tears of despair will flow freely!

The mindless violence that grows with oppression,
the actions lost to know one to blame!

Spirit Divine, O' God!......... rest with us for a while so we can embrace a world with kindness, compassion and Reason.

May every person drop the arms of war, change the ancient charter and embrace into a brave new world which they did so many years ago!


The Change

O God, give me the courage to do what my heart desires.
Not the desires of self preservation and filling ones passions.
But the desires to be noble and a step beyond goodness,
a step towards purity....

a step towards the inner child that lives freely.
That accepts without prejudice.
The innocence unfettered by the carrying pains of others.

Grant me the strength to persevere through the pain of others.
Grant me the wisdom to know my own pains.
Grant me the authority not to transmit these pains onto others.

Hear my prayer.

May the divine will of God touch my life with grace,
May I be awake to recognize the signs of grace that is in abundance.


Reaching the Celestials

I gently stare into the firmament,
that's all I can do, this humble pilgrim.
I gently conceive that reaching out
is all I can do, as a humble pilgrim.

Perhaps my journey is not to the stars?
Perhaps my journey is to the fire that burns in my being! 

Consider, am I reaching away from my true nature?

The Stardust!

What is Stardust? It is existence and oblivion. 

And I gently stare into the firmament,
that's all I can do,........ stop!

Let me gently reach into the fire that burns in my being!
It's going to be painful, but I feel the truth of my life. 

The unknown is not the mysterious cosmos,
The unknown is your salvation! You becoming the fullest you can be!
And you will shine.....

Stillness in Vibrancy

I stood still, motionless in the vibrant woods.
The darting staccato squirrels,  The creaking triumphant pines,  The luminescence of the lingering drifting mist,  The fragrance of woodland delight,  The reassurance of the autumn, it's cold breadth upon my cheek 
I stood still, motionless in the vibrant woods,  I communed with God in that quiet time. 

Oceanic Tears

I cried myself into eternity...
each tear drop were joys...were hopes...were mistakes...were memories...were pleasures...was sadness.

The watery veil that floated around my vision,
blurred the life of possibilities, opportunities and visions?

Only after the waterfall has dried and gone,
that the what ifs have vanquished before my being?

Dive into the tomorrow-world.
Trust the oceanic currents of your soul.
Capture what your heart desires and swim with all your power....
and into eternity I go..... and no tear is seen!

Fear of the light

I face you O' God. I lay my heart and mind open to your inspection. I lay my self-open to your mercy. I have fallen many times in the darkness. I have wrapped myself up in guilt and shame. I have shed tears in the hope of giving love. But you have given me another path to follow. I pick myself up from my sorrow and errors. I am not I... for I am - something new born... The darkness around me is the fear of opening my eyes. The fear of looking inside my being. The fear of the light.

The Race.

The watching oval. The anticipation of dynamic motion in the stillness.

Kneeling and head bowed to the monarch of Glory.
Heads up!
Eyes wide upon victory.
The intake of air focused and measured.

Take the form of the speeding cat.

An eagerness ready to explode upon the start.

The explosion.

Every divine fibre is released in a heart beat.

The battle to victory is relentless.
The mortal coil is sprung into speed.

The watching oval erupts in joy!
The stillness a distant past.

The faltering slip and a victim falls.
No time for mercy.
The race has begun.

Candles of Joy and Sorrow

May the light you hold clear your path on a road of continuous sorrows,
May the light sparkle with the joy that you hold in your heart!
May the flame warm the hearts of friends and families where they have gone cold.
May the words that are spoken over the flame rejoice in the little miracles in our lives.
May our love embrace you as you light your candle in silence
And in the silence, we share the unspoken truths.
Let these candles burn brightly forever in our lives.


It's okay to rest.  The world will revolve.  The sun will still rise and set.  The moon will show off his favourite side.  The moon is fickle!
It's okay to rest.  Find a piece of woodland.  Walk off the path. Allow your shoes to get wet.  Allow your shoes to get dirty.  Stand and breathe.  breathe in the moisture..... breathe in the sound...... breathe in this eternity that has been here before humanity.  breathe and rest. 
It's okay to rest because if you don't you can't play in this busy world! 

The rising

My hand clenched into the muddy swamp.
My knees drowned in shallow water.
My body soaked in the heavy rains.
My body shattered with all the jolts and pains.
The screams are heard in every direction.

I fell flat on my face.....
the exit wound took my breath away.

It took everything away.

Let there be a resurrection!

Let there be a rising of fellowship.
Let there be a rising of a community.
Let there be a rising of cooperation.
Let there be a rising my friend.... my comrade..... my brothers and sisters!

Let there be a rising!

Fire and Fury

The divine destroyer of old! 
Those poor innocent workers. They had no say to the king's hard heart! 
With his magic staff, he demanded religious freedom.  With his magic staff!
Hard hearted "No!" 
This was a battle of wills. 
He didn't listen this King of Slaves. 
And God sent Fire and Fury to the innocent. 

In Exile

O' the stars were aligned,
the formation of our being was ready.
The bottle of Red was placed,
and the pouring of our hearts was not steady.

The old days and vibrancy,
we could not escape our fate.
Tied to the broken mast of piracy,
the siren song was my new estate.

I was smashed upon the rocks on foreign shores,
Wild cattle upon the hill were so affluent.
Stranded in exile surrounded by those stars,
I needed to learn again, again to be gallant.


Love God with all your fibre of being.

What is behind and before?

Love God with all your fibre of being.


Reunite your being.

With.....heart, mind and soul.

Love God with all your fibre of being.


It is not a falsity.... it simply a way of finding harmony in the dischord of your being.

Why should I invest into the invisible?

For you to see how I see the world. Love me with all your fibre of being and you will know.

Let them fall.....

I stumbled over all that I dont understand, but I rise with knowledge and experience.

Let the young fall.
How will they be great if they dont?

The Miracle

Those moments we call miracles,
those unusual signs from the divine?
Those moments of serendipity,
the hand of God did not lay upon them!

The divine does not lie in anomalies!
It does not rest in mystical coincidence!

Look around, child of God.
Look around.......................

Open your mind to the wonder that is around you.
Open your heart to the possibilities that the divine has granted to you!

The Presence

Leave falsity behind you.

Leave pretensions behind you.

Release yourself from selfish thought.

Breathe in the twilight air. 
Let go of the thought after thought.

Let go of the desire after desire.

Our time in this world is short.

Feel how still the breath is.

Feel the rhythm of your being.

See the twilight sky.

See its perspective.

It's ancient light taking on countless forms.

and God is in a state of perpetuity... and the mystery of life will take on those countless forms.

and feel the night air upon your face...

The eternal presence is upon your soul as the night air is upon your face.

Open up your heart.

Let the tears make trails upon your face.

Find that the dust in your eye that blinds you, is but a speck.

Let there be a holy quiet rest in your being.

Let those things that have vexed you, that have irritated you, that have made you fearful.

Let those things be blown in the wind.

Let there be a new resolution in your soul.



Would that day,
like many others before and after.
Would that day.....ever happen?

The hearts and minds of men
have been wronged.

The broken heart of mothers
that has been wronged.

The staring into the horizon,
the child parents gone.

God manifested in the eyes of a child.
Innocence diluted by egoism and nationalism.

The dust and rubble.
The mist of time lost to the illusion of patriotism.

Could life be any better..... if we followed the Lansdowne Letter?

The hand of peace was stuck firmly on the strategic map of war.

And God was seen in the innocence of a child.

The majestic

Each one is different and unique,
from a distance, they seem the same.
Each one is a living majestic antique,
the elements wills it to sing, this magnificent tree.

I'm hypnotised by its artistic endeavour to reach the heavens,
It's ancient skin fractured, broken and knotted.
It arms spreading, wrapping and entwining its presence,
I marvel the glory of God, I am besotted.

The Iron Veil

I stared into the captivity of my soul,
infinity and all her wonders encompassed me,
my essence protruded my mortal coil,
it stretched upon and interwove with the others.

I was central and on the edges, I was drowning and full of life. I was suspended on firm ground. 
The intentions of God are behind The Iron Veil!

But in Prayer.
My essence moved freely
like boiling water on wax.  

Defy them to the end.

I stared at the stars, the moon, and the clouds,
I stared in wonder and delight on that precipice.
I stretched out my hand to pull away that shroud,
I prepared to know the Word of various testaments.

But what I felt was the whispering silence of God.

Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end for you are a heroic soul. 
Defy them to the end...............

time to pause..................

It has been relentless......

Life can be relentless

It pushed and shoved me...

Life is always pushing and shoving

It did not give me space

Life won't give you space.

But you have the authority to make it STILL.

You have the authority to pause...

............time to pause...........

............time to watch the ripples bounce around your being.

Only you can create the space that you deserve, that you need, for you to grow.

There has always been time to pause

.................and when we have paused, we find ourselves strolling towards us.

Let the tears fall.

Let the heart, ache.

Let the mind rest.


There are two worlds.

The external and internal.

The false and the true self.

Both colliding with each other.

The Devil and God if you wish.
The battlefield of the SOUL!

We seek the truth - hiding behind falsity.
Falsity eludes us to the truth and the reality of the now.
Only when we decide to know the essence of our core,
Only then....

.....................can we embrace the truth. embrace the everyday.

Thoughts on misery

Can we live a life without misery?

We, humans, were born for misery, were born for hardship, were born to strive towards relieving a life without misery, but the paradox is, we will always live in misery, in some form, whether that be financial, physical, spiritual, employment or loss. It is living a life that strives towards not having misery, a life without misery is not a life at all. If we don't have misery, would we ever know what joy is? We were born for hardship, we have the therapy to resolve an issue, for it to be overtaken, by yet another issue. Can we ever be happy? Is true happiness on the margins of boredom, to be bored is to be happy?

Leads us to the question, what is happiness? Let's stick with misery.

And yet, our purpose, our liberal Christian purpose is to alleviate the misery, difficulties and hardships that our fellow human being is consumed with, we are there to offer our hand in charity, our heart in love and our being in kindness. We may have our own mi…

May the light of our heart, find shade…

May the light of our heart, find shade… May it rest in the twilight… Knowing the darkness, but holding the light. Being prepared to shine forth…
May our heart rest on our sleeves, Unencumbered by the pain of others, Unfettered by their pains and anxieties May their heart find rest and ease, settle in serenity.
May the divine serve the heart, May the heart serve the mind, And the mind tempered by kindness…. Serve others we meet…
May we be servants to each other, Let our inner self embrace that calling within, A calling of truth, beauty, and compassion… Let us be blessed knowing that all things are laced with good intent.
May our openness, which is bruised by the elements of pain, anxiety, and suffering, Be placed in loving hands. Be cradled with warmth. May we be gentle with each other May our smiles be gracious…. May our simple presence give comfort.
God, the divine, runs through us…. It connects with our being, Let us listen to the divine May we be open to the relevance to our community, To o…


It enters the system with the kindest word
and breaks down all functionality,
it seeps into every crevice and everything becomes blurred,
every thought, opinions and it corrupts with brutality.

The marble floor you stand upon is tainted,
You have become the hardened apostle.
The truth is only known by the acquainted,
As the few attack you with their gossip.

A prayer under a bushel

Our gathering of friendship is held with common causes and common values.

But our commonality is at odds with the world.

Our gathering is laced with kindness and reason.

The world is slashed with brutality and chaos.

Our gathering is laced with compassion and charity.

The world is broken with selfishness and greed.

Our gathering is laced with tenderness and understanding.

The world is cracked with pain and ignorance.

Our gathering is laced with Hope.

For we reside in both worlds, are gathering is not in a bubble, we must learn to lace together our commonality in our beautiful broken world and mend it as best we can.

We step into the world with the causes and values on our heart so the world knows who we are.

Our gathering will not be hidden....

Our love shall not be hidden!

I forgive you

I offer an open hand in peace and truth.

I offer an open heart in love and kindness.

I offer an open mind in reason and wisdom.

I offer an open home in warmth and shelter.

I offer these things to you.

I offer these things in hope that our past deeds and words can be forgiven.

When the pain has eased.

When the hurt is no more.

When the light shines through the haze and a path is seen.

I forgive you.... for my road is clear and a new journey will rest with my being.

Many Mansions

I got lost on the road to Eldorado,
I turned upon the strangest road,
There dwelled many mansions,
The gateways swung open and free,
And there in every entrance way stood a heavenly angel.
Each reading various Authors, Hemingway, Shelly and the Bronte sisters.
Joyce, Byron and Keats.
Milton, Tartt and Moliere.

And all the while laughter was in the air.
And all the while hospitality was in every garden.
And all the while, without notice, an angel held my hand whispering in my ear.
"The road to Eldorado will never be found, the road you seek is the road with many mansions".

I woke from my dream.

leaf on the wind

Released from its certainity.
Fear clings to its nourishment.
The storm snaps them, and with reluctance they fly into the unknown, (with acceptance).

But I'm a leaf on the wind.
Where no storm was invited.
Letting go knowingly into the unknown.
True freedom flourishes with resentment.

the prayer to the poor

Hear my prayer.

Beauty in the fractured souls,
Let there be Hope in their being.
May the divine ease their suffering.

This is our prayer.

May their plate be filled with food.
May their heart be filled with Joy and Serenity.
May they have a restful sleep, undisturbed by fear and dread.

This is our prayer

Heavenly Father.
Heavenly Mother.

Bring shelter to the fragile ones.
Forgiveness for their errors.
May they find a courageous soul for their fragile voice!
May our hard and cold hearts, soften and warm to their choices.

This is our prayer

Jesus died for us.
His resurrection is our second chance.

a tender dream of adventure

Lost in the coves of pure creation,
adrift on the waves of uncertainty.
Wide-eyed innocence staring down upon me.
Wide-eyed unknowing staring into eternity.

It's quiet voice whispers to me.....
'Who are you stranger; in our world of yesterday, 
who dreams of our tomorrows?'

Keeping balance in my floating world,
my paddle skims the surface of my mortality.
It sinks into the depth of my being when still,
holding the vista that the millenniums birthed.

It's quiet voice whispers to me.....
'Who are you stranger, in our world of yesterday, 
who dreams of our tomorrows?'

I Sing!
'My purpose is to hold...
My purpose is to bring hope... 
My purpose is to bring laughter... 
My purpose is to love...
My purpose is to stand on the brink!'

It's quiet voice whispers to me....
'You are not a stranger; for this is the world of the now,
who lives with the possibilities.'


Crystal clear shard

It protrudes through the ebbs,
It lies waiting with its millions and billions,
Partially hidden.
Patience my friend.  Patience my friend. 

Be gentle when you take that shard from the sands.
It took millions of years to be formed and find its home.
Easing it from its sojourn's rest and holding it in your palm.
That crystal clear shard.

an act of kindness

It holds that moment forever in my heart,
reverberating in my being for eternity.
When it seems it came from nothing,
When it seems it came from out of the blue.

There was a gentleness to their decision,
which encompasses itself in the realm of peacefulness.
There was no judgement in their tone,
which accompanies itself with a tender smile.

For a brief spark, a spark for an instant,
Our senses fused in knowing each other.
And in that brief exchange in time and place,
An act of kindness changed my world.

The Splintered Darkness.

I've roamed around in my cave, I've seen the light around the stone,  But I have watched the splintered darkness, the stone has yet to be rolled away. 
The fragility of our souls. The harshness and love I have felt,  The hopes that have washed away into eternity......... The love that is held by you and me. 
I've roamed around in my cave,  I've seen the aura around that stone,  But I have watched the splintered darkness, the stone has yet to be rolled away. 
I stand on a pillar with bridges expanding to all,  burning the bridges was envitable and grace smiles upon me.  The Truth will wash my brokenness.  Freedom beckons me onwards, to be who I am. 
I'm roaming around my cave... and I catch the brightness around the stone, But I'm watching the splintered darkness,  the stone has yet to be rolled away.
My soul has been asleep by the concerns of others,  My soul's creative power has drowned in my own doubt.  and the storm has been and gone and I have survived.  and the landscape of …

Hinc Illae Lacrimae

I have wept for so many nights.
I have thought long and hard.
That my life is short....for all life is too short.
The longing of life.... is to sing in the wind.

I have wept for so many nights.
I have turned to those things...
That this coil is worthy of better things.
Those decisions made will always be waiting.

I have wept for so many nights.
And he held my hand with love.
And he held my words with reason.
And he held my actions with compassion.

Hinc Illae Lacrimae...

A fallen angel

In the gloom and vast darkness,
shards of light are trinkets of rarity,
there she lay, chained to the cold rock,
her wings wrapped around her coil,
battered and broken, feathers scattered.

Her golden hair ripped and ragged!
Her luminosity drowned by doubt,
Her silken muslin, charred with despair.
Her being draped with unparalleled gravitational pressure.

Her chiseled cheekbones
Her eyes.....oh her eyes...
They saw their souls and this is her punishment!
Chained to the rock of Judgement.

Her wrongs minor.
Her error.
Her past totally forgotten!

                           ..............and there she waits for authority to give her the final blow.

A glass of water

It seems inconsequential as it rests on the table top.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.
It seems it has no story to tell.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.

O' it has a story!
It is the story of life...
and in a simple drop lies the mystery of the universe
and in a simple drop lies the creation of our being
and in a simple drop lies the abundance of our creativity
and in a simple drop lies the beginning of our history

It seems inconsequential as it rests on the table top.
Surrounded in transparent fusion.
It is the story of all stories.
Drink deep and know everyone's origin.

The Way of Joy

And the child opposite me took my hand,
her curious blue eyes tilted my soul,
tilted it to where it should always be,
I then heard the Way of Joy sing to my heart.

The veil of sorrow has been taken away,
and my ego has been melted in the snow!

Not before I have corrected the wrongs
Not before Father Time has released Truth,
Let her fly with Justice -
Let them stand their ground with Authority and Love!

My Superheroes!

And the child opposite me took my other hand,
her curious blue eyes locked in my soul,
a place where I felt something more than me,
I then felt the Way of Joy being in my heart!

The veil of sorrow has been taken away,
and my ego has been melted in the snow!

Their hands reached out...
.........................................and with Courage they pursued without restraint!

And the Ten Ways of Sorrow were understood,
and the Way of Joy was sung into the heart of my being.

Tenth Way of Sorrow

Nobility and Strength brought them all to the mount.

They huddled together for the breaking of the Mothers Heart.
Anguish ripped her throat of voice.
Anguish drowned all thoughts of hope.
Anguish crushed her desire of being.

His garments stripped from his mortal coil!
The Man! Thrown onto the wooden scaffold,
Pain immeasurable - traversing every part of him.

The thunder like strike upon iron - tearing through his palms and feet.

Hoisted up...........................................

And he stood. In his armour his spear standing true his stomach weak from all this pain his heart weak from all this suffering his mind weak from all the relentlessness
Each strike,  Each scream of anguish. Blinded him from the dream of possibilities. And as he was raised for all to see, he was summoned for a final act.....
They gathered at the foot of his ending......... ........................................................................ .................... He smiled.....                then looked t…

Ninth Way of Sorrow

As she was dragged away....
the full weight of the horror fell upon him.

Under the weight he lay and remembered.

"We will always be here for you My Master"

He leaned into him.....
"Disciple, you will deny me on this very night"

"What madness My Master, I would never break your heart"

Embracing him with no malice "Three times you will relinquish all knowing."

"My Master, I have no intentions of our relationship being a burden"

".... it is the choice you will make that will make who you are......"

Bringing him closer

"But let not your past define your whole being"

Jolted by the screams of frustration and impatience,
he awoke from his momentarily rest-bite.
And from the crowds his Disciple was seen...
Quivering all over, his face sullen and tired.

and so the Ninth Way of Sorrow was sung into the bitter heart.

Eighth Way of Sorrow

His decision of doing nothing was an action,
an action of allowing,
letting others to open themselves to their own selfish desires.

She fell into her room,
She ranted and wailed at the heavens!
She ranted at powerlessness!
She ranted at womanhood!
Her anger grew as loud as any trumpet!

She wept with deep heart ache.

But there was resolve, a steel no man could match!

She tore through the street
she ripped through the soldiers and those who mean harm.

She clasped upright the man who was condemned.
Eye to Eye they face each other,
And for a moment the weight of horror laid upon both of them.

The soldiers wept for the tenderness that followed

His palm rested upon her face with love.

"Do not weep for me, daughter of the world, let no tear be upon your loveliness"

and so the Eighth way of Sorrow was sung into the regretful heart.

Seventh Way of Sorrow

As he fell for the second time,
under the weight and pain,
no matter how much support was given,
he remembered..... it started with a kiss!

....and at the edge of a strong tree stood that man,
with guilt in his eyes,
for the envy of his being
but he longed for justice,
but justice had changed into a monster and it dragged the song of sorrow to his end.

The truth met across that road,
under that tree his final act will be upon this world.
But the sufferer did not want the divine story written this way.
What sort of author was he?!

He raised himself with all his strength,
"Not that way, you always followed a painful way..... I am the way!"
But this was lost on the wind, for there was no strength in his song...

and the Seventh Way of Sorrow was sung in the jealous heart.

Sixth Way of Sorrow

She saw him being supported.
The procession faded up that dreaded mount.
She picked up the veil that was blown from her hand.

Her beauty was radiant.
Her heart was torn.
Her decision was made for acceptance and survival

She folded her veil and placed it with the other fragrant cloths.
The distant jeers and attacks were fading in her being,
As she continually folded the linen...

and so the Sixth Way of Sorrow was sung in the regardless heart

Fifth Way of Sorrow

They jeered and shouted at him.
They pushed and shoved him.
They attacked and cursed him.
It was a mindless display of society.

And in the shaded room, the two Sons stared at their Father. His tears glistened in the darkness. From the darkness the light shines the brightest! The Son's saw their Fathers resolve.
Under the weight of horror and turmoil,  each step was screaming for relinquishment.  They taunted in a mindless voice, harbouring their own anxieties on this poor wretch.
Then the beholder of generosity and strength,  broke into the mindlessness of cathartism, and the two sons lamented for the mob and the mob looked into their own being...
The swell of the wretch's heart as they stared into each others being, The Father took the burden for a while.... The Father took his pain.... just for a while.... 
and so the Fifth Way of Sorrow was sung into the thoughtless hearts.