Saturday, 1 July 2017

May the light of our heart, find shade…

May the light of our heart, find shade…
May it rest in the twilight…
Knowing the darkness, but holding the light.
Being prepared to shine forth…

May our heart rest on our sleeves,
Unencumbered by the pain of others,
Unfettered by their pains and anxieties
May their heart find rest and ease, settle in serenity.

May the divine serve the heart,
May the heart serve the mind,
And the mind tempered by kindness….
Serve others we meet…

May we be servants to each other,
Let our inner self embrace that calling within,
A calling of truth, beauty, and compassion…
Let us be blessed knowing that all things are laced with good intent.

May our openness, which is bruised by the elements of pain, anxiety, and suffering,
Be placed in loving hands.
Be cradled with warmth.
May we be gentle with each other
May our smiles be gracious….
May our simple presence give comfort.

God, the divine, runs through us….
It connects with our being,
Let us listen to the divine
May we be open to the relevance to our community,
To our Family, our friends, and our colleagues…

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