Friday, 29 December 2017

New Year Blessing

The end of the year is nigh… and we welcome 2018 with celebrations, reflections, and memories. The year leaves us with the fast approaching sound of Big Ben. And so… 

May you let go of the things that wish to leave you, do not hold onto things, for the year will bring you adventure if your mind is released from those that gave you identity and purpose in the past.

The world is full of happenings to our being… do not believe that the winds of circumstance shape the self. Become what the deep-self wishes to become. Strive with all your heart, mind and soul. 

Break free the unconscious self into the conscious self. Dreaming of the possibilities is outward, inward exploration of our being is the beginning of awakening the deep self.

The deep self is craving for its identity, its truth…
Is our being in this world… driven by Fate?

Or is your deep self, wishing to be sought out by the conscious self, to be the “I” you always wanted, desired to be? Is this our personal destiny? 

The seeking of our soul… reaching to that which was created by God, the divine, the great mystery, Mother Earth, Mother God! 

The purpose of our being in this glorious world is to be who we are meant to be…

Is this our salvation?

May your steps be Brave ones… gentle steps are needed… for the deep self is fragile. Those who attack your body are tiresome. The body can take the blows. 

The deep self can be hurt easily… so those around us… be gentle with your words. 
The Ego is delicate…

The gifts we have been given are not ours alone… we are to share them with authenticity and honesty… the flower shares its beauty and scent, the tree grants shade to those who wish it, the rain drenches us if we dare to step out… braver still if you take off your shirt! 

They give without cost... 

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