Friday, 3 April 2020

Hold on...

so many voices staying positive, 
so many smiles and volunteers, 
so many rainbows telling the world all is happy, 
so many bodies being counted for our entertainment, 
so many clapping hands, washing hands... washing hands.
so much rhetoric... 
so much status! 
so much... and so little... 

I rest my head staring into a world of I, 
A world resting with a gilded smile of compassion.
The work is getting done... and yet I feel weary.

Tilt your head. 

I am weary...
I find the world's authority in contempt.

There is something insidious at work, 
Yes...... we all know it. 

But it has a twin. Not the opposite, but something similar... 
perhaps not with the same strength... perhaps stronger?  
It floats behind seeing the opportunities in its older brothers wake,
It doesn't need you to separate, it will be with us till our end. 

This is the greatest threat, his younger brother, wanting to prove something.

And all we can do is hold on for the ride. 

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