Thursday, 18 April 2019


We rise each morning…
We are reborn and the miracle of life will continue?
We are but stardust….
                 Brought together….
Painting by Philip Waldron © 2019

                              Are we aware of the Space and Time of our being?

May we strive towards a harmonious relationship with our world,
with all the inhabitants that share this planet.

May we heal ourselves from a culture that is hurting, Nay killing the Earth and all its creatures.

We light our Chalice in the Hope, Nay The Courage, that we will Rise above the Vices that are destroying our only home!  

May its light, shine upon the treacherous ones, those who claim to be servants of the people, when they are servants of industry, Nay Servants of Marginalization and Sorrow! So we know who they are! 


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