Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Going to be a Father

What is this about? It's everything.

I'm reaching half a century and I'm going to be a Dad for the first time. We found out that he is a Boy... a boy...

The miracle that was occurring is unseen... unknowing at first.
The miracle of life on earth... every spiritual being walking by is a miracle.
Each coming into existence, fate, destiny, chance, serendipity, accident, luck, the dice are thrown...

and we live with what is given to us.

and others live with their choice...

and we are ready, a Mother is born into the role? Her instincts natural, intuned with the life that is dwelling within her existence, he, her son, preparing for the outside world.

I have to prepare my inner world, to be a patient Father... knowing the tiring late nights,
to be a messy Father... there is no escape to the mess they produce,
to be a fun Father... this won't be a problem!
to be a serious Father... hidden deep within - a preparing the path for our Son... a Loving Home, an Education, giving him the knowledge and tools to prepare for the world.

to be a fun Father... this won't be a problem... did I say that?
to tell stories, high adventures...
to tell stories, with puppets...
to tell stories, that will form him... for the path ahead of him is his alone. I will set the foundations...
we will run through the forests,
up and down the sand dunes,
swim in the waters,
and sing, dance and laugh!

to find the time... the most precious commodity I can give him.
to be the best I can be...

to know my son, to know him completely...

and I am only half the story... as the little boy grows in his Mother.

as his Mother begins her journey.

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