Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Winter Prayer

As the day darkens, the shortened days of winter fall upon us,
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
We find comforts in the small everyday things, the things we take for granted,
The warmth hearth,
The blanket wrapped around our legs, our comfortable chair…

The joy of a good book,
The excitement of compelling film,
The hot drink and shared food,
The relaxation of night time music…
The peace of an empty room, the solitude of single flame…
The brightness of the full moon...
The beauty of the silence as the winds and rains surround our walled home.

May the light of your spirit guide us through the winter months;
May the light of your spirit bless your words and deeds you give to others;
May the inner secrets of your subconsciousness guide the warmth of your heart;
And may you be blessed with the knowledge of that beauty that tempers your being.

May the burdens of the everyday be released from your heart;
May the struggles awaken a spirit that opens up the possibilities and promises…
May the winter days awaken your dreams;
May the winter console your soul, your spirit, your being…

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