Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Interior Wound

And as I pray.....

The world watches me, my head bowed,
my hands clasped together in serenity,
I mouth the words learned as a child.

And as I pray.....

Those wounds that no one can see,
those wounds that everyone has,
interior wounds in which we have been so good at hiding...

It is hiding from the world but it is not silent to our being!

Behind the self of the everyday... the self of the secret world is at war

And there is no medicine, no ology, no human structure that can heal these wounds,

And as I pray..... with the deep voice of prayer in my being that echoes across eternity,
we invite the divine light of God to cure the wounds, to release us from those wounds that held us down...

And as I pray..... I wait for God.... I wait for my honesty!

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