Thursday, 7 June 2018

Once more unto the breach dear friends, no more!

Once more unto the breach dear friends, no more!
War is Not family entertainment,
we rejoice in our heroes as they valiantly return,
we mourn the fallen heroes as their carried from the plane,
and in the background, the industry of warfare profit...
and in the background, the elite raise a glass,
to those who fell - for a just war – and – they - smile….
In peace, man and woman delight in the world…
And when the propaganda machine blasts their trumpet… we fall sway to this foul and odious notion… that there are just wars.
And I say to you, peoples of the earth, there is no just war... there is only war. Sons and Daughters on both sides have fallen!
Fallen away and never to return to their parent’s arms!
Fallen to a political paradigm which is culturally ingrained into the consciousness of their being,
a political and social acceptability that suggests that the military has a right to go into schools, to advertise in the cinema, to stand outside jobcentres, to promote their evil in the city streets and steal our children… and that it is good to kill. It is good to wage war. It is good, because they say it is a just war?!
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit to your full height. And say No, No, for you are human and over the waters, there is another human… and we have the right to live in peace!
Let go of this imbecilic pride of our military and hold onto our children, for we love them dearly… let us swear that you are worth your breeding and love your enemy. And you, yes you, show us here the love that resides in your being, let us swear that you are worthy to live and not to die for their cause… let us teach our children to live in peace. I see you, I see you standing with tears in your eyes, mourning the loss of your child, decorated with pieces of metal, I see you! The games afoot, follow your spirit, and upon this embrace, whisper, I am here for you, I will carry you, I will do you no harm….

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