Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Into the Storm

Before or After I can't remember the specific moment,
all I know is the now... the now which is so fragile.

The storm raged around me with all its savagery,
my broken self was hit and battered by others and I.

I turned to find no one... silhouettes outside the storm,
half turned or back to me?

The joys of life are not held in this turbulent cradle,
chaos swirls, the aurora borealis is manifesting around me.... if only I could really see it!

The wind is on fire,
The snow flickers into droplets of lava,

Before or After I can't remember the moments,
that caused me to change... I remember the heartbreak that caused the change.

And I will weep for a thousand years for the pain I caused.

Here I walk in the maelstrom of my actions...
why does it feel I'm on my hands and knees...
but there is a light... the light of God...
It is not in the storm I find God in,
but in the deep part of my being... I hear the silence

In the storm, with all its blustering sounds,
there is a still voice...

there is a still voice...

there is a still voice...

Holding onto the still voice and I find myself in the presence of God.

I don't remember coming from this storm...
I don't remember the processional.

But I remember the pain.
I remember thinking I was alone...

....................................................... I looked at this, for my time had come when in the storm of my life I will hear the voice of the divine.

So... come storms, rage around me, rage with all your fury, rage with all your hate, rage with all your bitterness, rage with all your pain... rage with a desire to break me.

For I will walk into the storm knowing... with the still voice of God in my heart, soul and mind.

And I will be reborn in your image in the cradle of a storm.
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