Saturday, 28 December 2019

I will follow my heart

I will steady its beat and learn to gently breathe,

As the air freely escapes my being, 

May my life be lived to its fullest,

May my life be lived without the shadow of fear,

or if it lingers

May I live my life with the abandonment of conformity,

May my heart open the doors to an awakening,

May that awakening be the risking of my worth.

and in that wilderness 

I will follow my heart.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Hanging On

They are hanging on to their power...

                                                                                                         and they are tightening their grip!

They rule with an Illusion of Authority.... and they have stamped it on the souls of those who are desperately clinging their good life

And the world burns burns with our hunger,
a hunger which is false and it will be our failure.......

Friday, 3 May 2019

Gravity 2

And I knew the secret of life as I stared into the Energy of despair.

And I am Enoch....

.....for Eternity will wait for me...

My moments are limited to the here and now.

And only NOW do I know love.... and each moment that passes by...

Is a step away from the swelling of my heart.

And when Eternity comes to me...

I will take, with the hand of eternity, forever that joy!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

May your breadth find a steady rhythm, a calming measure…

My friends we come together in the stillness of prayer…
May your breadth find a steady rhythm, a calming measure…
May your mind relinquish your apprehensions and fears, let them rest outside these sacred walls,
May your heart open to those around us, too often we close ourselves with our neighbours,
May the words we give, be tempered with Reason and Compassion.
May we be able to give comfort to those were needed.
May we have the courage to for this.
Your being may not change your world, but your kindness can change the worlds you touch.
Each day we have a choice…
Each moment we can decide…
The Noblest action…. The Charitable deed
The Courageous assistance….
Each moment in our lives we May Rise above the Strains of our timidities, our shyness and moments of hesitation.
Each moment we can be born again so that we may become the person who we need to be. The person we were called to be.
And when we are at the penultimate place of our being, the truth of who we are meant to be only a pace away…
May our soul be lightened with Humility.


We rise each morning…
We are reborn and the miracle of life will continue?
We are but stardust….
                 Brought together….
Painting by Philip Waldron © 2019

                              Are we aware of the Space and Time of our being?

May we strive towards a harmonious relationship with our world,
with all the inhabitants that share this planet.

May we heal ourselves from a culture that is hurting, Nay killing the Earth and all its creatures.

We light our Chalice in the Hope, Nay The Courage, that we will Rise above the Vices that are destroying our only home!  

May its light, shine upon the treacherous ones, those who claim to be servants of the people, when they are servants of industry, Nay Servants of Marginalization and Sorrow! So we know who they are! 


Saturday, 6 April 2019

The deep love of wolves

The unbridled joy of companionship,
they nestle into each other as one,
their oath, written on ancient manuscript, 
their bond is stronger when they run. 

Their sense of belonging is beyond our knowing, 
when parted, no human can taste their grief.
Only a few of us have this harrowing,
If we find that call, will our love be that brief?
By Philip Waldron © 2019

Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Dream Makers!

"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not".

And the Pomp And Ceremony were beleaguered with praises, and rejoiced in the triumph of human achievement. 

And I found my old 50 pence coin and the broken meter in the garden, buried by my Father. 

And the news repeated itself so we informed, told, recited, delivered, engaged, brain overloaded, brain saturated, brain washed.

And we scored a goal, we got the gold medal, he won the lottery, she had to win and resign. She was despised and rejected of men. She looked like a woman of sorrows. 

And I knew it would start again. It is just the way of things. War is on the horizon. A Global Catastrophe will hit Europe and then we will change! Only then, only when it effects the Majority. 

And I suppose we can rest with our placards. Our dissenting voices of the powerful economic overloads. Let them do as they please..... Mother Nature sits and waits for the naughty boy to come home from school. 

And I knew that the industrial bully will need to be shouted at,

And I, as I do... I will be despised and rejected of men. In our time we must rise from the voices of the ignorance and tell the world how it should be, the voices of dreams. The Dream Makers! We will be shot down! We will be crucified! We will be hushed away in the dark jail and we will be tortured, starved and silently killed, an etching to say I was here. 

And when all is done and said........? 

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Shade

The Heavy Carbon Footfall!
They say the tipping edge is here.
Christian Thought says we have a bias to the marginalized.

The Earth is Marginalized? Did he say that on the mount?

Corporate Responsibility is inline with the profit of the Shareholder?

And Yet!

More Trees are being produced in China?!

But Merry Ol' England is being sucked dry, and the quakes will want to get bigger!

The Air is polluted! Turner didn't have that paint!

The Plastics are killing the poor little animals...the big animals... us?

Plastic running through a being?

Human Life is Changing, Transforming, Diverting, Becoming Extinct? Is this the tipping edge?

Its okay, nothing will happen in the life of the Baby Boomers.........

nothing will happen to them? nothing will happen to the 1%? Nothing, they are safe with their...whatever keeps them ticking... 

I have dragged myself from the dredges of despair, from the discorded mind... I saw the Elm Tree as my Liberty! There was a time I knew other way out. But it is the effigy of the corporate lawmakers, the economic profiteer that should of took my place if I dared! The world of Science is our Dogma and we are Blasphemous to the sacred men and women of our times. Their sermons fall on a populist conclusion..... the blonde one will win the talent show! Watch it, you will see!

Men have become empty vessels, emotional chaos rules their sanctum! Their interior world does not reflect the world of the exterior. The World has become PLASTIC! The Angry Young Man has left the room and become The Shade of himself. The Shade of Man has been blasted with artificial light and he lost his place. We have lost our place, our purpose....

I have been brought back from the brink of madness, slipped though the fog and found that someone had my hand all the time. She held my hand in the world of the exterior and gentle led me... but the other world was quietly revealing myself... a self that I had to content with. Know Thyself... examine the deep self my brother!

And the Miracle appeared and my fulfillment in life was apparent and joy in my heart exploded! As I knew that He was never a Father too me. I would to thee. I will learn about me through you.

The Natural World calls to you…

My friends let us bring ourselves in peace, in union with ourselves, with God, the great mystery,

May our heart find a steady rhythm,
May our thoughts find a tranquility, which finds a natural pace with our heart.
May our body ease into a natural state of ease and contentment.
May you be able to deeply think of your connectedness to that which you call home.
The Landscape of the natural wilderness
The horizon of the seemingly eternal oceans
The canopy of an evergreen forest
The scents of a tendered or wild garden
The majesty of the mountain’s you have traversed
The valley that surrounds your humble soul
The Natural World calls to you… the harsh beauty of nature, is terrifying and wondrous
It calls to us…
May you find opportunities to embrace your calling to the natural world
May you find peace and wisdom from that which surrounds us.
I know invite you to say the prayer that Jesus taught his followers…

Thursday, 10 January 2019


She laid in the sanitarium...
fighting for her breadth
fighting for her comrades
She laid in the sanitarium....

And the shadow of the Crucifixion illuminated her actions!

Tears for her comrades,
     her hand pushed....pushed....pushed away the tray of food!
         the spear entered her lungs! And she died of tuberculosis...
            she died of malnutrition!

And the shadow of the Crucifixion illuminated her actions!

And the war continued.

an active soul to those who were subjected to horrors of tyranny...

The Landscape before the Veil

My hand slipped into her hand, held with fellowship and hope, that her soul will be lifted with the wings of love, and she will be united wi...