Sunday, 6 May 2018


Was my accident an accident? 
Was it life teaching me a lesson?

fate then whispered into my soul and it said "smile" 

As I acknowledge my lesson, and understand the meaning 
fate smiled and whispered in my soul and it said "smile"  

And I accepted the whispered words of fate and with a humbleness and openness, my heart became wide for those I met
then fate whispered.... "don't be fooled by unconscious intent, it won't be me all the time" 

And I was confused...
but fate embraced me and whispered in my soul and it said, "smile" 

And then I knew the answer... 
The chaos of the conscious heart lay waste in front of me and I opened my hand to greet it. 
I opened my heart to accept it. 
I opened my being... knowing I would act accordingly, I would act with kindness... 
I would act with compassion, whilst the conscious mind lay waste to my dreams. 

And fate whispered "smile" 
And I smiled with an open hand. 

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