Tuesday, 18 December 2018

If he never existed, not at all.

If he never existed, not at all.
A myth, an imaginary character catapulted into the chronicles of humanity.
If we believe this.....

If we believe that behind Christianity,
behind the Christian Church,
behind the New Testament,
behind St Paul and St John....

If we believe that behind the Gospels that there is no such person.

If we believe that this person who was the inspiration and origin behind All this..

Behind all this Jesus was an imaginative character created for a piece of fiction,
that the voice of a carpenter did not spoke of the Prodigal Son...

If he never existed, not at all...

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

In that Instant

For nine months he was growing in another world that changed my world forever.
And in the instant before his world of merging he was with God,
And in an instant he became a miracle,
He was a divine spark in the womb, of the woman that changed my life forever.

For nine months we waited,
But he could not wait any longer,
It was his time to come into the world,
Into our lives and in that instant....

in that instant, our hearts swelled with joy.
in that instant, God reappeared to me.
in that instant, we knew love.

in that instant, I became a Father and my world changed forever.
Photo taken by Phil Waldron. Emerson Waldron. 2018

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Interior Wound

And as I pray.....

The world watches me, my head bowed,
my hands clasped together in serenity,
I mouth the words learned as a child.

And as I pray.....

Those wounds that no one can see,
those wounds that everyone has,
interior wounds in which we have been so good at hiding...

It is hiding from the world but it is not silent to our being!

Behind the self of the everyday... the self of the secret world is at war

And there is no medicine, no ology, no human structure that can heal these wounds,

And as I pray..... with the deep voice of prayer in my being that echoes across eternity,
we invite the divine light of God to cure the wounds, to release us from those wounds that held us down...

And as I pray..... I wait for God.... I wait for my honesty!

Zero Gravity

The waves rippled through space,
floating in Zero G.

I landed squarely into the crater, perfectly formed, its circumference framed me,
As though I should be in a private gallery along the side street of that hidden street.

And along the frame came the hands of many,
clutching ready to blame everything on you,
ready to hide their pain on your failings!

And the waves flickered in Zero G,

And they scrambled over the edge and with their injuries they charged towards me,
wrath in their emotional hearts, bleeding through their mouth and ears!

And I gathered the flickering waves in my hand,
and swirled them around in various configurations,
and the myriads and complexities of swirls kept them at bay,

But they stormed the waves in Zero G
They battered them down into sparkling specks of memories,

Surrounded by each face, their horror portrayed for me only!
And out came the knives, sharpened beautifully...

But the waves carried me up above the crater that I had beautifully created,
And aloft in Zero G they stared at each other.... and they dropped the knives

My smile was too late, in my hand was a blade wrenched into my stomach...
I held it tightly and removed it from my being, and out poured my failures and pains.

And the waves in Zero G took me away to another heavenly body and dropped me,
I landed squarely into the crater, perfectly formed, its circumference framed me,
As though I should be in a private gallery along the side street of that hidden street.

And along the frame came the hands of many............

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A divine language

I have shed all the tears I could,
I have slept all the hours I could bare.

For your heart bleeds through the eyes,
pure divine translucent water,
a divine language of joy and suffering written upon our face.

And the sleep was not slept... it was the hiding away from this world,

And it was the trusting in oneself that made me wake up, 
it was knowing that this world was meant for me... 
and I for it. 

May your soul manifest itself and be projected to the world... 
May the authentic self be invulnerable in its vulnerability... 
May you sing the song you wish to sing...
   And dance.... And be happy!  

May your eyes smile with divinity... 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Shadows of my turbulent mind

What sorrow could fall upon my Hope?
But the sword that pierced my Faith.
Tis the pain of Objectivity that took my
Desire to walk with God.
And in the Shadows of my turbulent mind,
Where Fear, Guilt and longing ruled my heart...
God walked with me through those days....

Tis was in those days in Memory,
That Faith was restored and Hope blossomed!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

the little children

He sat upon a rock and his followers listened. "Children are an heritage from the divine, from the great mystery, from God."

Suddenly families brought their children to the teacher so their children would be blessed, but his followers rebuked the children as they came close. But the teacher knew, and with anger he turned to his followers and said "Why do you do such a horrid action, why cause suffering to the little children? These are divine creatures, we are to learn so much from their innocence, their truth and their honesty!" He took one in his arms and blessed him.

One of his followers asked, "Do children personify God?" And he turned to the child he blessed and smiled. He then turned to the follower who asked the question and said "You are wise my friend, take on the virtues of the child and you will know what the Kingdom of God is."

And the children left with their families and he smiled and said "Do not hurt any little ones, for their being bares the image of the divine."

Friday, 6 July 2018

did you...

Did you think that your objective,
  your heart's desire, was out of place?
Did you think that the best advise
  was to do what everyone else does?
Did you think..... and was squashed by your own timidity and doubt?

Where and have you been created by the slothiness of the failure of others?
Where and have you designed by fear of those who don't, can't or not know how to oppose?

Hold your own and rejoice in your failure.
Your failure.
Your Soul is craving to be! To be projected into the world, the universe...

It is better to have cried than to stir through a broken window of your dreams. 

I won't be the first and I won't be the last,
Do not be shamed, because it is your failure.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Going to be a Father

What is this about? It's everything.

I'm reaching half a century and I'm going to be a Dad for the first time. We found out that he is a Boy... a boy...

The miracle that was occurring is unseen... unknowing at first.
The miracle of life on earth... every spiritual being walking by is a miracle.
Each coming into existence, fate, destiny, chance, serendipity, accident, luck, the dice are thrown...

and we live with what is given to us.

and others live with their choice...

and we are ready, a Mother is born into the role? Her instincts natural, intuned with the life that is dwelling within her existence, he, her son, preparing for the outside world.

I have to prepare my inner world, to be a patient Father... knowing the tiring late nights,
to be a messy Father... there is no escape to the mess they produce,
to be a fun Father... this won't be a problem!
to be a serious Father... hidden deep within - a preparing the path for our Son... a Loving Home, an Education, giving him the knowledge and tools to prepare for the world.

to be a fun Father... this won't be a problem... did I say that?
to tell stories, high adventures...
to tell stories, with puppets...
to tell stories, that will form him... for the path ahead of him is his alone. I will set the foundations...
we will run through the forests,
up and down the sand dunes,
swim in the waters,
and sing, dance and laugh!

to find the time... the most precious commodity I can give him.
to be the best I can be...

to know my son, to know him completely...

and I am only half the story... as the little boy grows in his Mother.

as his Mother begins her journey.

Saturday, 16 June 2018


Speaker of insight, tell me of anxiety?

I have often thought, why I was anxious in my youth and I know the answer...

Tell me?

I can tell you my story of anxieties and how they have faded over time, until one morning I gave up on them all, the narrative that wanted to govern me was released.


The voice that is geared to the external.. the easiess, the desires of the heart that lay outside of me.

And his arms stretched around him

But these externals

And his arms stretched around him

Are necessary...? 

There are somethings that are essential.  But it goes the other way. It is knowing what is essential.... essential for the internal. The deep side of the self that wishes to rest in stillness... and in that a silence we recognise the vibrations we send, the frequency that enable others to hear us, this is a  different listening....

Teach me how to listen differently?

Listening, is a language in itself... it is a language of God.

Teach me this language?

Indeed I will. The only lesson you will need to know is this......

And he took my hand, and placed my palm on my heart. And with his other he brushed my face and my eyes closed. I felt the warmth of his holding. His hand held upon mine and together I felt my beating heart. Together I felt his pulse in his hand. And there was a moment no words were spoken. There was a moment of unbrokenness...



And then I understood.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Once more unto the breach dear friends, no more!

Once more unto the breach dear friends, no more!
War is Not family entertainment,
we rejoice in our heroes as they valiantly return,
we mourn the fallen heroes as their carried from the plane,
and in the background, the industry of warfare profit...
and in the background, the elite raise a glass,
to those who fell - for a just war – and – they - smile….
In peace, man and woman delight in the world…
And when the propaganda machine blasts their trumpet… we fall sway to this foul and odious notion… that there are just wars.
And I say to you, peoples of the earth, there is no just war... there is only war. Sons and Daughters on both sides have fallen!
Fallen away and never to return to their parent’s arms!
Fallen to a political paradigm which is culturally ingrained into the consciousness of their being,
a political and social acceptability that suggests that the military has a right to go into schools, to advertise in the cinema, to stand outside jobcentres, to promote their evil in the city streets and steal our children… and that it is good to kill. It is good to wage war. It is good, because they say it is a just war?!
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit to your full height. And say No, No, for you are human and over the waters, there is another human… and we have the right to live in peace!
Let go of this imbecilic pride of our military and hold onto our children, for we love them dearly… let us swear that you are worth your breeding and love your enemy. And you, yes you, show us here the love that resides in your being, let us swear that you are worthy to live and not to die for their cause… let us teach our children to live in peace. I see you, I see you standing with tears in your eyes, mourning the loss of your child, decorated with pieces of metal, I see you! The games afoot, follow your spirit, and upon this embrace, whisper, I am here for you, I will carry you, I will do you no harm….

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

the escape from reality

I witness them, those three...

Awaiting for the vulnerable, those in pain, those who need to escape from reality...

They sit, the dealer, the maker and the one who will deliver further pain if needed.

They sit, waiting for the next transaction...

Their voices are hard... dark... and menacing.

Their eyes are dead... especially from the leader. His eyes full of suspicion.

They live in a world haunted by lost dreams. They live in a the middle of a world filled with sadness and they have armoured themselves from this... for the profit is made from the tears of others.

Guard your emotions, anxieties and obstacles from these three, they have an answer... an answer that will freeze you in time... unable to move through the obstacles that each one of us have... conquer the profiteers of our tears and by heading into the storm... learn to stagger, learn to pick yourself up, stumble, shout and scream, howl to the wind... let the world hear your cry... but through the storm you will still find them.... those three waiting for those who can't or won't pick themselves up....

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

the innocent and the good

I crumbled under the weight of everyone's pain...
I fell flat and bloodied.
It didn't matter that I lay messed up... their view of life was the important issue...
the life they lived... the life they thought was right... the life without alternatives...
It was right I was battered, for they did not know why what they did... and so I had to show them the horror of their pain.
They dragged me to the hill and nailed me to the cross... propelled me up for all to witness! The foulest of deaths.
I forgave them of their selfishness, their unknowing, their blindness! And as the last breath left me... they turned to another... for their suffering was quenched by the blood of the innocent and the good.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Own It!

I'm the batter... and the catcher and the pitcher wink, smile and give the knowing look. Own it! They are going to make it hard. Shortstop is ready... and the basemen know exactly where you will be going... and the world watches you... 

Own it! 

The world will put pressure on you. 

Own yourself. 

The world will put demands upon you. 

Own your environment

The world will consume you of your energies 

Own your power. 

The world will want us to endure through the overwhelming feelings it places upon us. It wants us to succeed. It wants us to gather ourselves what it throws at us. The world is in a constant struggle with us. It will knock us off balance... it will send us the curveball... it will send us the cutter, splitter, and the screwball... 

Own it... as the pressures of the world fall upon you, be ready to reorder your life. The priorities in your life. Focus on the pitcher... smile at the pitcher... and as you smack it with the fullness of the bat, and the vibration swells to your feet... leap with every step, take each base with confidence... 

Own it... 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

the first note of a piano

The pressure of the fingers,
the expression of the soul,
the movement of the shoulder,
the eyes flutter to darkness and the first note of a piano is played...

The music is known...
and the fingers dance along intricately and acrobatically,
the breadth is excited and sweet,
the vibrations resonate with divinity...
as you delve into a language of the universe...

Then the feet create the sound of echoes and stillness...
people stop, stare and listen with their heart,
captivated by the expertise of the musician.

But the heart of humanity lives between the notes of a piano,
the variations of the human voice are varied and complex,
no instrument can touch its immensity...

.......and what was the first note the human voice sang?

Friday, 23 February 2018

Our Child's Voice

It resides in us all...
the heartache of sadness in this unholy act of violence,
why? the word which trembles with anger and revenge,
why? its answer as rotten as the question... the sweetness gone.
lift our heads to the clarity... 
hear the song of the birds... 

It resides in us all...
remove the rubble that life has created,
walk around the obstacles... we focus at the pain its creates,
the thump in our hearts is ready to explode.
lift our heads to the clarity... 
hear the song of the birds... 

It resides in us all...
and yet I feel scared to side with the voices of descent,
the voices of the majority are in turmoil, doubt and fear,
the objects of closure, oldness and violence.
lift our heads to the clarity... 
hear the song of the birds... 

It resides in us all...
that which craves for a longing of fellowship and kindness,
that which craves for play, adventure and daring,
that which bravely steps with hope, faith and love!
lift our heads to the clarity... 
hear the song of the birds... 

It resides within each one of us,
let us deeply listen to what is wants,
let us hold to that clarity in our hearts,
and may our voices be as sweet as any bird.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Into the Storm

Before or After I can't remember the specific moment,
all I know is the now... the now which is so fragile.

The storm raged around me with all its savagery,
my broken self was hit and battered by others and I.

I turned to find no one... silhouettes outside the storm,
half turned or back to me?

The joys of life are not held in this turbulent cradle,
chaos swirls, the aurora borealis is manifesting around me.... if only I could really see it!

The wind is on fire,
The snow flickers into droplets of lava,

Before or After I can't remember the moments,
that caused me to change... I remember the heartbreak that caused the change.

And I will weep for a thousand years for the pain I caused.

Here I walk in the maelstrom of my actions...
why does it feel I'm on my hands and knees...
but there is a light... the light of God...
It is not in the storm I find God in,
but in the deep part of my being... I hear the silence

In the storm, with all its blustering sounds,
there is a still voice...

there is a still voice...

there is a still voice...

Holding onto the still voice and I find myself in the presence of God.

I don't remember coming from this storm...
I don't remember the processional.

But I remember the pain.
I remember thinking I was alone...

....................................................... I looked at this, for my time had come when in the storm of my life I will hear the voice of the divine.

So... come storms, rage around me, rage with all your fury, rage with all your hate, rage with all your bitterness, rage with all your pain... rage with a desire to break me.

For I will walk into the storm knowing... with the still voice of God in my heart, soul and mind.

And I will be reborn in your image in the cradle of a storm.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

What is a moral life.......

It is the original heart touched by God.

To let the ground around them be seeded with truth.

May these take root, through the winds of denial.

The possibilities of its growth are varied.

Each one of us has a germ of goodness.

Let each person give something to the ground.

May it take to the ground.

If you hear the calling within. The calling from God.

You will hear that you have a gift within this wild world.

Something glorious.

It is on this ground, on this land.... that our moral life is to be lived.

I plant my being into this world...

I plant my variances, my complexities, my hypocrisies.... as do you.

But who will be judged?

Those who have the courage to step forward...

Saturday, 27 January 2018

chalice lighting

The great mystery I stand before you,
The miracle of life, the miracle of creation.
Are we all created with a divine intention?
And this intention, is it veiled before us?
May we light our chalice,
To illuminate the truth... to shed light upon the veil. 

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The land of kindness

May you dwell in a land of kindness,
like a gentle breeze that whispers through the willow,
may you bend and flow through nature's language.

May your family hold you through the pain.
Like the raft on the turbulent and tempestuous ocean,
may it be held with strong bonds of knowing and understanding.

May your home be a place of peace and rest. 
Like the hidden and safe nest of a precious bird,
may you be safe from your enemies and loved without thought.

May you be surrounded by a community and fellowship.
Like the loyalty and devotion of the wolf pack
May you go without hunger, friendship and play.

The Landscape before the Veil

My hand slipped into her hand, held with fellowship and hope, that her soul will be lifted with the wings of love, and she will be united wi...